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MK808 Mini PC New firmware update on 26th Oct.

After talk long time with factory, we finally push them release the new firmware for MK808.

Click here to download the new firmware

some highlights are:
-screen no longer stretched(now at 1280×672)
-more sound options(including sound devices)
-ethernet option
-much faster, I got a 7130 in Antutu
-Netflix autohides the status bar.

(thanks for deadhp1 for the highlight!)

If you still don’t know how to flash the firmware, you can check the instruction here:


We work with other forum together, and make the MK808 better. We are not just selling product, we also care about our customer,and try our best to support our customers.

Thanks for all of the customers!

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  1. hope mk808 could output real 1080p later on. if so, it will be a perfect device for me.
    anyway, it performs much better than before.

  2. Thanks for the support!
    My device is on the way, and I hope the 1080p support will come as soon as possible.
    If the device will know the Full HD support, I will recommend your webshop and this little mini pc to everyone.

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    yes,thanks for your support.

    We will keep talking with factory,and ask them to make it to full HD.

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    Thanks for you like it. Please recommend our store to your friend. thanks

  5. Can you explain what this means?

    “-ethernet option”

    Are there MK808 with an Ethernet port?

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    No,there is no ethernet port on MK808, but in the “setting” menu, there is the Ethernet choice, you can buy a usb hub and usb Ethernet to use the Ethernet function. the Old firmware don’t support this.


  7. When will we get the new firmware?
    Hopefully we will get the 1080p support.
    I am looking forward to the new firmware update. 🙂


  8. Hello,
    I followed the directions to flash my mk808, but I get the following. Any ideas?

    Loading firmware…
    Loading firmware Finished.
    Loading firmware…
    Loading firmware Finished.
    **********Restore Action**********
    This operation didn’t do,because of not supporting!
    **********Restore Done Success Fail Timems**********

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    Have you installed the driver?

  10. When I plugged the mk 808 in, my Windows 7 machine automatically installed the drivers. It never gave me a chance to use the downloaded drivers from your website. I took a look at the device within the device manager and it was recognized as a rockchip USB. Do you think it’s because I didn’t use the drivers from you website?

    Saw the imoto you have on you site. Does that have any problems overheating? That is sweet. May have to get that one also.


  11. I had the error with This operation didn’t do,because of not supporting! and Windows 7 installing the drivers automatically.

    I resolved this by booting the device into Flash Mode by using the ROM tool included with this release:

    The tool detects the device and allows you to reboot it into Flash Mode

    The device is then not recognised by windows and you can update it via device manager with the correct drivers.

    You can then use the ROM tool to upgrade.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Dear Jeff,

    Connect the mini usb end of the “mini usb to usb cable” to the OTG port of the MK808. (Not power source port)

    Press the button which left corner of the box with a paper clip or similar thing. Hear & feel the “click” sound. And keep it while pressed.

    Connect the other end (normal usb jack) of the “mini usb to usb cable” to your PC. (You still press the button. Do not forget it)

    Windows will try to recognise it but it will not. And gives error message like ” not installed correcty”

    Now you can release to pressing the button which on the MK808.

    And “update & show” to windows correct driver which depends your windows system (32 & 64 Bit and xp-vista -win7 etc)

    Everything goes well…


    Push that button first and keep it , connect the

  13. Awesome! That did it. Thanks to both.

  14. I just successfully installed release on a Window 8 PC.

    Couple of notes:

    1. The RockusbDriver did work but I had to reboot the PC using the Windows 8 advanced reboot setting which disables device driver validation (allows you to install unsigned drivers). I installed the Windows 7 driver.

    2. The RKBatchTool 1.5 that was being referenced in these links did not work.
    I found an English version that did work.

  15. Thanks “LightSinger”.
    Used the flash-tool that i found at for “RK3066”, and it worked great!

    Just make sure to hold in the flash-button as Baybora describes in hist post above.

  16. so.. i bought also an mk808 NEW with this problems:
    P: At first it wont start – it’s stuck on android screen
    R: i upgraded the firmware and then worked
    P: wifi never starts (powered from external plug)
    i tried all the firmware but wifi is still dead

    mk808 is a cool device but without wifi is usless

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    Hi,please make sure you get mk808 or mk808b?

  18. I got the new mk808 rk3066dual core (cortex-9), ddr31gb, Android OS 4.1 (11x flash, html5), HDMI 1080 does not start but freezes, freezes on boot, I need to do to return normal wing … could help with firmware or brought you a new one ….. please tell me

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    Hi, if the system stuck in the boot, a firmware flash can slove the problem, please flash this firmware to make it back