Main Special Features of SF-A9

The machine frame structure has undergone significant changes in comparison to its previous versions. As shown in the image below, the frame of the A9 40W, which features a U-shaped beam, differs completely from the V-slot structure found in earlier laser generations.  Let’s take the S30-Ultra-33W machine as an example. 

SCULPFUN SF-A9 40W:  ideal for DIY laser enthusiasts
SCULPFUN SF-A9 40W:  ideal for DIY laser enthusiasts

Upgraded 40W Powerful Laser

The 40W laser engraver introduced a notable feature – a 40W upgraded and powerful laser module. This enhanced module plays a crucial role as it significantly improves the machine’s cutting capability across different materials. With its impressive strength, it enables faster processing, allowing for cut-through 20mm plywood and 6mm dark Acrylic in one pass.


Switchable Laser Power

It is the first 40W high power machine, but it also has a standout feature that you can switch the laser module power 40W and 20W.
Switchable laser power refers to the ability to adjust or switch between different power levels on a laser device. This feature allows users to adapt the laser output according to specific requirements, materials, or applications.


How it works?
The process of switching the laser power can vary depending on the specific laser device. For the SF-A9, it has the manual adjustments where users can manually switch the power level 40W to 20W by using controls on the laser machine.

High Speed

With the laser’s formidable power, the operational speed climbs up to 36000mm/min, resulting in increased productivity and reduced processing time, ultimately saving you valuable time. Additionally, it offers a precision mode that enables more precise cutting of components, leading to better fitting during assembly.


Fast Focus Adjustment

Focus adjustment methods have always been an issue that users are more concerned about with the laser engravers. It is worth saying that SCULPFUN has updated this function. You can easily adjust the focus to achieve the fast and precise focusing within seconds.


Different from previous older generation machines needing adjust the laser focus through the back screws on the laser module and use the fixed-focus column to finishing this process, the new one has a thoroughly upgrade. Making the use of the machines easier than ever before.

The laser module, comes with a separate fixed-focus lever that is attached to it. Put down the lever and rotate the red knob to move the laser up and down for the height positioning based on the thickness of the object, till the lever touches the surface of that. Also, you can use the rotary knob on the top of the laser head for more precise adjustment. All done, put the lever to its original position, and proceed with your tasks.

Unparalleled Safety Assurance

We all know that the previously released S30-Ultra series machines have already been equipped with child safety lock and emergency stop switch functions, providing users with more safety assurance. The former can prevent the children from an unintended activation to the machine, and the latter is aimed to quickly shut down the machine in case of an emergency. Apart from these two, for the purpose of more security of the machine and its users, SCULPFUN SF-A9 has given extra attention. Two more functions are added that is tilt sensor and flame temperature sensor.


Tilt Sensor:
This is used to detect and alert whether the laser engraving machine is experiencing tilt or instability. The safety range is 15°, when the machine body is off-balance and tilts over that range, it will will set off an alarm and stop emitting the laser light.
The purpose of this safety device is to prevent unstable operation caused by the tilt of the laser engraving machine. It promptly issues an alarm and allows appropriate measures to be taken.

Flame Temperature Sensor:
It is a device for detecting and monitoring potential flames or overheating during the laser engraving process.
When it detects the flames during the working process, the sensor will be triggered and then the machine will stop working with an alarm, simultaneously, automatically moves to the the safest position.

Metal Structure High Accuracy

The metal construction of the machine makes it more robust and durable. It also improves the performance and reliability of the machine. Industrial grade linear guideway adopted by the X-axis provides a more stable machine body. Thus, the motion accuracy of laser engraving and cutting is greatly increased, which is 0.01mm.

Moreover, the Y-axis utilizes the adaptive wheels so that there is no need to adjust the distance between the wheels and the guiding structure. When operating, resistance is less, movement is smoother.

Most importantly, in the installation aspect, there is an undoubted big change. Unlike before, the assembly design of the SF-A9 is all-in-one, just minutes needed to complete it.


More Connection Methods Compatibility

In the S30 Ultra Series period, we have already carried out the BT function of the machine. At this time, other than that, the WiFi function is supported for more convenience.

Shortly before, the SculpFun APP was also launched while releasing the iCube series portable machine. So for now, this machine supports USB, BT and WiFi function to connect for use. It can be compatible with the mobile phone APP named “SculpFun” or the computer software like LightBurn and LaserGRBL. And the systems are supported by Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Win11 / MAC / IOS / Android.

Satisfactory Task Results

The air pump was attached to the machine from the S30 series machine. Undoubtedly, the SF-A9 also comes with one. It is noteworthy that there are some differences compared to the previous version, the air assist is designed more intelligent.


Upgraded large inner air pipe with optimized air channel brings a powerful blow during the cutting that can present a more cleaner cutting effect. It blows away the residues, dirt, debris, and fumes generated during the process. Plus, it can also protect the laser lens from being dirtied and improve the service life of it.

Unlock More Potential Possibilities

The SF-A9 is compatible with some of the available laser engraver accessories that can more effectively realize it value and increase its range of functions.

Except for some normal laser materials, if you want to engrave some cylindrical objects, you can use the laser rotary roller. Exactly with the attached machine risers, larger and higher cylindrical objects can be processed.

SCULPFUN SF-A9 40W:  ideal for DIY laser enthusiasts

Earlier this year, we have launched the new product CAM500 laser camera, which has plenty helpful functions for the laser machines. It can also be compatible with the SF-A9 to facilitate more capabilities.

SCULPFUN SF-A9 40W:  ideal for DIY laser enthusiasts

Get Started With The Sculpfun SF-A9

After the S-series, S30-series and S30-Ultra-series, which respectively stand for S6, S6 Pro, S9, S10(S-series), S30, S30 Pro, S30 Pro Max(S30-series), and Ultra-11W, Ultra-22W, Ultra-33W(S30-Ultra-series), there is now the 40W laser power machine for the first time.

The laser modules are currently available in power levels ranging from 3W to 40W.
Compared to its predecessors, the first 40W power machine, named SF-A9, had made a significant breakthrough, which greatly improved its primary features from the machine frame to its main functions. Especially it is worth mentioning that the switchable laser power 40W/20W and the upgraded fixed focus method.

SCULPFUN SF-A9 40W:  ideal for DIY laser enthusiasts

By applying cutting-edge and advanced technology, SF-A9 40W is capable of offering enhanced features. This product is characterized by its strength, durability, safety, and user-friendly nature. Whether you are a novice, a DIY enthusiast, or an entrepreneur in the market for a machine for your small-scale enterprises, SCULPFUN SF-A9 is the second-to-none option that caters to various requirements.