These are all possibly 3D-printed
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These are all possibly 3D-printed: your clothing, food, housing, and transport equipments

3D printing is somewhat highly inclusive. Imagine that someday in the future when everything around you is 3D-printed. What will your feelings be?

To start with 3D printing, you will, without a doubt, need a 3D model which can be achieved via 3D scanning technology, that is to say, converting a real-world object into a digital model, or with CAD. The print is thus produced by compliant 3D printers in a specific way according to your requirement for materials.

Nowadays, 3D printing has been considered disruptive since its inception. The technology can be applied not only to large-scale projects, but also to every aspect of our life, clothing, food, shelter, and transportation, just to name a few


Striding in the “clothing” industry, 3D printing has exemplified its advantages in design and material varieties. An increasing number of fashion brands have stepped into the field of 3D printed shoes by showcasing their works in international fashion week as well as the exhibitions of the World Footwear Museum. 3D-printed shoes have made their debut worldwide. For example, Adidas has launched the following series: Futurecraft 4D, AlphaEdge 4D, and 4D Run 1.0, proof of an unparalleled balance among design, data usage, and 3D printing achieved by the brand.

3d printed shoes

With the incessant development of 3D printing technology and improvement of design capabilities, sports backpacks, knee and ankle protectors, protective helmets, and more are all becoming possible, aside from 3D printed shoes.

3D printed ankle protectors

Healthy and safe food

In the last couple of years, 3D-printed food has been emerging thanks to the new concepts of environmental protection, health, safety, and efficiency in food consumption. Its applications are extensive, from functional food such as artificial meat, and plant-based beverages, to desserts (chocolates, cookies, snacks, etc.). The layer-by-layer deposition printing concept has also been applied by fast food restaurant chains like Starbucks and KFC.

3d printed foods

3D Printed Homes

With the continuous advancements of the 3D printing industry, not only can houses be printed, but we can also build houses on the moon. Except for architectural printing, the technology also benefits interior decoration. Especially in furniture, many renowned designers and teams have integrated technology into art design, craftsmanship, and environmental protection to create stunning projects.

3d printed homes and houses


Environmental Protection

When it comes to environmental protection, the commonest example is Mercedes-Benz’s wheel redesign project. The enterprise generates $1 billion out of defective parts annually. Evidently, the wheels impact on the environment as they are large metal components.

3d printed motors

3D printing applied in sea, land, and air

3D printing has been increasingly applied in major fields such as aviation, aerospace, maritime, and land transportation. With respect to aviation, satellites, and rockets are both areas where 3D printing is widely used. SpaceX also 3d-printed their rocket engines.

3d printed boats



In addition to clothing, food, housing, and transportation, 3D printing is also carrying out its journey in cultural relic restoration, intangible cultural creative products, limb replacement, and human organs. In the past decade, significant breakthroughs have been made in both equipment and materials on the basis of the FDM high-temperature melting process.

The Verdict

3D printing technology has opened the door for high-end manufacturing competition. Everything can be 3D printed if applied in a reasonable way, and the respective advantages in product production shall be given full play.


3d printing in manufacturing



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