Himedia Q10 Pro Hi3798CV200 4K HDR 2G/16G TV BOX Firmare Update 20170316

Hey guys, glad to share the SD Upgrade firmware for Himedia Q10 Pro

Firmware Version: HMD-1.0.8 2016-10-12.193826
Download Link:

Firmware Version: HMD-1.0.9 2016-12-13. 091707 Download Link:

There are two firmware versions for Android 5.1, one is Android 5.1 1.0.8, the other 5.1 1.0.9(latest )

1) (AndroidN->AndroidN)
2) (AndroidL->AndroidN)

(Part one-About upgrade)

Notes: If your present system is Android 5.1(Android 5.1 1.0.8 or Android 5.1 1.0.9), and want to upgrade to Android N
Please download from : upgrade to Android N.

If your present system is Android 7.0, Please download from: to upgrade.

(Part two-About downgrade)

1) If your present system is Android N, but you need Android 5.1 1.0.8, please download from: downloap to Android 5.1 1.0.8

2) If your present system is Android N, but you need Android 5.1 1.0.9
Step 1: download from download to Android 5.1 1.0.8
Step 2: Download from upgrage to Android 5.1 1.0.9

Flash Guide:
1.Download the firmware and copy it to your USB disk directly.
2.Power off the tv box
3.Plug the USB disk into smart box
4.Insert a little pin into the reset hole and hold.
5.Plug in the power adapter, remove the pin when the android robot shows up in TV,
6.It may take 3-5 minutes to upgrade, and the TV box will auto-reboot when upgrade completes.

Have fun
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