Custom ROM for Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos

Hi Folks! It’s been a long time since I did a ROM… Like about a year Custom ROM for Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos
Took a break for a while…
Got the S95 Telos and decided it was time to have some fun again.
Let me tell you… Much has changed from the hacked up KitKat we had to Lillipop! I had to learn a bunch of new stuff.
It took me almost a week in days to get up to speed and be able to really do some things in this ROM.
So any donations would be nice especially if you like this ROM! WARNING! In order to debloat and clean up this ROM I have to format /data partition and thus you will loose all your data!
You have been warned! Please backup your stuff.
This ROM is for the S95 Telos only! Later I may port to the Meta and Pro.
This ROM is based off the S95 Telos 20160129 BETA ROM. I found this to be better and more stable kernel to work with. Install instructions: This is a pretty easy install but please make sure you do exactly what I list here.
1) Download this ROM ( DO NOT unzip it!
2) Copy the zip to a SDcard. Make sure it is a good SDcard and not corrupt. If your not sure, format it FAT32.
3) Make sure you do NOT have a recovery.img on SDcard that you used for something else. This ZIP is properly signed for the Tronsmart recovery in the box now.
4) Go into APPs and run the Update&Backup APP.
5) On the right side under “Local Update”, click the select button.
6) It should open a list of ZIP files on your SDcard. Select
7) Now click the update button.
8) The system will reboot into Recovery but will not show any menus.
Also PLEASE NOTE: The stock ROM 20160109 had a bug with the boot logo. So your screen will be black for a while. PLEASE wait for recovery to come up!
If you wait longer than about 1 full minute, then something else is wrong. You might have to reflash a stock ROM.
9) The green Android man will show up and update the ROM. Do not do anything until it is finished!
10) The system will reboot on it’s own and boot the new ROM.
Please note, this ROM takes longer to boot the first time than the stock ROM. The reason is it has be Deodex’ed. See below. Change Log / Features:

1) I have completely debloated this ROM! For those that want to start clean… you have a base ROM to work with!
None- of the pre-install APPs are there either. This includes the custom VidON XBMC. You can install that yourself if you want it.
2) The ROM is Deodex’ed. I find that this makes the system faster.
First boot after flashing takes longer but after that… It is much faster at booting!
Watch how fast it boots up after reboots. Barely enough time to see the boot animation Custom ROM for Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos
Also having a deodex’ed ROM allows ROM tool APPS to be able to do things like theming etc.
3) The Google Play Store and Google Framework have been updated to the latest as of this writing.
When you boot and login to the Play Store, nothing will need to be updated.
4) I added back the AOSP Launcher! Now on first boot you have a choice.
Also now in settings you will see a “HOME” item in the menu. You can use this to change the default launcher Custom ROM for Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos
5) For the AOSP Launcher I added some nice shortcut buttons at the bottom. One that is nice is a quick access to the Advanced Settings menu Custom ROM for Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos
6) Opened up some settings that were blocked for some reason.
7) I fixed the SDcard write and access issues! Not just for Media either but anything!
I tested this as much as I could so let me know.
8) Did some small tweaking to buffers so you may see better Wifi performance.
9) This ROM is rooted fully and properly! If you want it unrooted, use my EZ Unroot ZIP.
10) Fixed the problem of background APPs closing.
11) I eliminated the top Notification Bar! This is a TV box and it was annoying!
However, you can still pull down notifications using the mouse! So it’s still there just hidden.
Not many APPs call the “Emersion Mode” so if they do not the notification bar stays. Annoying!
This was true even with the Mbox launcher. Example, open and APP and the notification Bar pops down.
If you do not like this, let me know and I can provide a ZIP to put it back.
12) Added init.d script support as I do in all my ROMs.
13) I added Xbox and Game controller KO modules. These should no be supported but I did not test it as I do not have a Xbox controller.
My game controller I have works.
14) Did some theming like wallpaper, boot logo, etc… Hope you like it.
15) Some other tweaks here and there I cannot remember them all… Nothing that big just some clean up and tweaks.
16) Finally…. This will break OTA updates from Tronsmart! It has to be this way. An OTA update from them will take away much of what I have done.
Also I do not like the way Tronsmart implemented OTA. They force the update on you instead of letting you decide. I do not like that at all.
I hope you enjoy this ROM…. Next release I may:
Add TWRP recovery
Try to fix SATA reboot and sleep issues.
Other stuff you all report as a problem. ROM Download Link:
Remember DO NOT unzip this!
ROM -> S95 Telos – Finless ROM 1.0 (280 MB)
Enjoy! Source:


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