Everything you want to know about Xiaomi MiPad 2


1.Q:Does MiPad 2 support GPS? Are there WIFI and 4G versions?

A:It does not. And there is only WIFI version(No SIM slot)


2.Q:How to convert MiPad 2 into a car GPS?

A:Arrange a GPS module, allocate with mobile phone hotspot or portable router WIFI network.


3.Q:When will MiPad 2 64G version make its debut?

A:It is on the way. You will be witnessing the 64G version and 64G with Windows 10 pre-installed MiPad 2 in the near future!


4.Q:Will there be a crash when downloading some of the APPs from MiPad 2 pre-installed APP store? Or a prompt indicating installation failure pops up?  Why?

A:It can be attributed to that the the APP does not adapt to X86 framework. At present, MIUI is undergoing adaption improvements against some of the incompatible APPs, so that you are suggested to search for other alternative APPs.


5.Q:Does MiPad 2 accessorize a protective cover with smart wake up function?

A:It is on sale, please click: MiPad 2 Protective Cover


6.Q:How to turn on/off smart wake up function?

A:Enter Settings – Screen Lock & PIN – Protective cover lock/unlock to set it.


7.Q:How to connect MiPad 2 with keyboard and mouse?

A:It can be connected with keyboard/mouse via type-c OTG cable or with Bluetooth enabled
keyboard/mouse via Bluetooth.


8.Q:Does MiPad 2 compatible with OTG cable? Why it is that the Xiaomi Type-C to Micro USB adapter no longer recognizes U disk after being connected with OTG cable?

A:MiPad 2 is compatible with Type-C to USB OTG cable. Since the Xiaomi OTG cable is equipped with Micro USB to USB interface, the OTG function no longer being available.


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