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Tronsmart MK808B Plus 111K4 Formal Version 187441 20150703

Hi, MK808B Plus Users,
Tronsmart MK808B Plus_111K4 formal version are released.
MK808B plus can support update online and just click the wireless update.

Change log:

1.Compatible with Broadcom AP6212
2.Fixed issue when Kodi play video in 16:9 but change to full screen automatically.
3.Tweaks compatible issue of adapter RJ45 to USB2.0
Here is the USB flashing firmware.

MK808B plus&S89 can use the same flashing tools, just press the reset button on the body.

Here is the SD flashing firmware.

Here is the FOTA firmware(It’s only for some developer to play)
via@Tronsmart Team.



  1. Jeroen van Omme

    Wel, it looks like it still can’t connect to the network via my Tronsmart USB RJ45 🙁

  2. Can you please try the cable in other devices ?maybe there is sth wrong with the cable

  3. Jeroen van Omme

    Thanks for the reply.
    I have tested the same cable with a dedicated mediaplayer with no problems.
    I will try a different (earlier) firmware to see if that will solve this issue.

  4. Jeroen van Omme

    Tried an earlier version (MK808B Plus_109k4_sdcard 181145 20141222) and got Ethernet working.
    Had to do this via the “normal” Android settings, because using the Network Settings screen on the launcher failed to connect.
    Hope this will help others.

  5. super

  6. Greetings, I had the issue of Windows 8.1 not recognizing the android as usb drive. Followed instructions to flash the rom with updates but lost WIFI and Bluetooth (the blue flashing led is also gone). Have tried all updates (now with 111k4) and nothing brought WIFI back! Please Help! This is the model I have bought ( Thanks in advance.