Pipo X8 Dual Boot System Upgrade Method 186834 20150617

Pipo X8 Dual Boot System Upgrade Method 186834 20150617

Pipo X8 upgrade method
1. Download the firmware here:
Android System
Windows System

2. Copy the bios files to U flash drive, connect to your mini PC, right click “FLASHWin32.BAT” and choose “Run as Adminstrator”. (Do this procedure if the mini PC can boot normally, if it can’t boot normally, omit it.)

3. Decompress the firmware file, copy the Android system to U flash driver, connect to mini PC. Press F7 while booting up, when the display show this interface as below, click “Enter”, it will be executed automatically.

4. Change USB flash drive to “ntfs” format, and change the file label to “WINPE”, Starting up the mini PC to enter Android system, after enter the system normally, insert the U disk which has copied win8.1 system, slide down on the top right corner, it will show the WIN icon, as below:

Click the WIN icon, the mini PC will read the system files in your U disk and install the Win8 OS

5. Unload the USB flash drive after upgrade procedure has finished.



  1. Mansor Al-beshri

    i bought 7 x8 and i want windows only how can i do that

  2. Dear friend, there is no solution at present .

  3. dear sir:

    i cant find BIOS FILES for PIPOX8 on the zip file of android system or windows system.. i wish you could provide us. thank you.

  4. Dear friend ,did you check the post above? we have posted the firmware for android and windows respectively.

  5. Yes sir i followed all the instructions..only missing the BIOS FOLDER files for PIPO X8.

    Thank you for the replay..

  6. dear friend , the whole pack is the bios

  7. Dear Sir,
    i’m following to your instructions it do not work,my Pipo x8 only boot to android.the first time it boot in option in windows or android,after one week it boot to android only.
    what can i do?.Thank you.

  8. please move the cursor to the top right,then drag down till an option shows up. you will see the option to shift to android.

  9. 1) WHERE its BIOS-FILE – this NO in folder Windows, NO in folder Android: WHERE? 2) I bought in 07.2015 – this files its UPGRADE (and upgrade what: android, windows or BIOS…?) or RECOVERY? 3) HOW booting from pendrive-boot? I have 3 pendrives, boot-menu its looking and ok – but NOT BOOTING from anything pendrive?

  10. and so – Pipo X8 32 GB its WHICH for download: android 16gb or 8 gb?

  11. FLASHWin32.BAT – this file NOT IS folders android and windows! WHERE it is?