PIPO X7S Intel Z3736F Mini PC Dual OS Upgrade Firmware 186083 20150502

Hi, here to share the upgrade firmware of Pipo X7S.

Please download the three RAR files in a floder, include Windows OS and Android OS, before you upgrade the mini pc, please read the Pipo X7S upgrade guide first.

Download link:
Part1: PIPO X7S Intel Z3736F Mini PC Upgrade Firmware .part1
Part2: PIPO X7S Intel Z3736F Mini PC Upgrade Firmware .part2
Part3: PIPO X7S Intel Z3736F Mini PC Upgrade Firmware .part3



  1. How can I get rid of the dual boot? I like to have windows only same as Pipo x7 . Thanks

  2. comment installer android dessus

  3. Please give us a better explanation of de firmware update and a changelog.
    De document is too short and leave too many questions
    Are all steps needed or e.a. can de windows update be skipped

  4. Please give us a better explanation of de firmware update and a changelog.

    De document is too short and leave too many questions

    Are all steps needed or e.a. can the windows update be skipped

  5. Yes, please update the guide. Especially the part on how to flash Android (only).

  6. GeekBuyingBlog

    The flash method has explained in detail (windows and Android),please state your questions here.

  7. GeekBuyingBlog

    Flash method is simple and we have explained in detail in the guide.please post your questions here,we will figure out for you.

  8. GeekBuyingBlog

    Dear friend,there is no way to get rid of the dual boot.

  9. nothing explains the method how to android has days you are a liar prove to me that the method exists

  10. the method is simple for windows not for android nothing works you sell unfinished products

  11. GeekBuyingBlog

    1, please unzip the firmware, copy the
    entire Android system firmware file folder to U disk ,then plug in X7S

    2,press F7 when turning on

    3,when entering this UI(see the pic below),p lease click
    Enter, it will complete booting automatically

  12. no google play x7s firmware

  13. told with pictures or images

  14. Order Number: #3328049

  15. android firmware guid

  16. it does not work

    I download the files again and it not working your method

    I have 3 error message at startup

  17. erreur efilinux X3

  18. GeekBuyingBlog

    If there is something wrong with the product,please contact our customer service via website live chat or email(

  19. GeekBuyingBlog

    Did you boot the file first?After downloading the firmware,you have to copy the “bios” file to U disk, connecting the U disk to X7S, right-click “flashwin32.bat” to run as the Administrator. Then,you have to follow the steps mentioned above.

  20. GeekBuyingBlog

    If it still does not work ,please post here.We will contact the factory.sorry for the inconvenience.

  21. yes this was done the update works fine setting has days of Windows also works non android I have three error error efilinux 65.145 etc …. line and reboot it on the old android

  22. then what is the solution because I have unfinished product

    geekbuying shame you have no honor

    liar and in addition you have lost a customer

    no further purchases will be made at home.

  23. Please contact our customer service via website live chat or after sales we are very sorry for the inconvenience and we promise to figure out a satisfying solution for your by exchanging a new one or fixing the one you bought.

  24. Please contact our customer service via website live chat ,phone or email

  25. already 14 May 2015 at the address no response from their case file paypal no shame geekbuying not answer to you

  26. already 14 May 2015 at the address no response from their case file paypal no shame geekbuying not answer to you.

  27. Did you try our contact number(+86-(0)755-23943772) or website live chat?

  28. Last week I received the pipo X7S with the order 3305407 and i have 2 questions

    how can I read the type of firmware installed?

    Suddenly the pipo no longer offers the option to choose between Windows and Android but opens directly windows. How can I restore the option?

  29. Get an error when unpacking the firmware 🙁

  30. Get an error when unpacking the firmware 🙁 It says wrong password……

    Error: CRC mismatch in file “PIPO X7S Intel Z3736F Mini PC Upgrade Firmware 186083 201505028G-Android4.4.4_20150420JSmini_PC02S_Android4.4.4_20150420_[Z3735F_wifi8723BS]_GMS_userdebug_8G.rar” in the archive “C:UsersksrDesktopNieuwe mapPIPO X7S Intel Z3736F Mini PC Upgrade Firmware 186083 20150502.part1.rar” – possible wrong password

  31. i can’t get into the android installation, i got this windows when i press F7

    i tried to copy the content of the android folder in many ways, but it just don’t give me the option to install it/read from the USB drive

  32. GeekBuyingBlog

    the password is,please try again

  33. GeekBuyingBlog

    Please enter desktop,you will see an OS shift key ,just click it.

  34. GeekBuyingBlog

    Power on the machine and press F7 simultaneously.

  35. Still password problem. The cpu of my pipo is getting really hot. 88 degrees celsius. I guess this isn’t normal. What to do????

  36. Please try to unzip the file with WINRAR software.the password is As for CPU heat dissipation ,can you please tell us where did you put the machine and under what temperature?

  37. Machine is in open space. room temperature is about 20 degrees celsius. According to Pipo these temperatures (89 degrees C) are normal) I guess they are joking right? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Extracting is still not working 🙁

  38. GeekBuyingBlog

    Did you try to decompress the file with other software,rather than WINRAR?

  39. What about the CPU heat. Is this really normal?

  40. How do i know what is my current firmware (windows and android)? Maybe i already have the latest firmware (product ordered on April 28)?

  41. If your Android has the Google Playstore, i think you have already the latest firmware, because the first deliveries, like mine, has an android without the Google Playstore

  42. GeekBuyingBlog

    If the temperature is too high,please turn off the device for a while.

  43. GeekBuyingBlog

    The machine can not keep working for too long,please try to turn it off for some time and turn on again.

  44. That doesn’t work. As soon as i power up and play a youtube movie the temperature rises to 88/90 degrees celsius……..

  45. GeekBuyingBlog

    Wait till the device gets cool and turn it on

  46. GeekBuyingBlog

    Heat cant be dissipated so fast ,dear friend.

  47. Byron Whitehouse

    Well after 2 weeks im still in the same boat (no play store)

    Iv updated the windows bios following this guide…ade_Method.doc
    That seem to go fine after about 2 min of doing stuff it shuts down

    Now for the android side I can not find away to update this

    I follow the instruction on the geekbuying blog

    1, please unzip the firmware, copy the
    entire Android system firmware file folder to U disk ,then plug in X7S

    2,press F7 when turning on

    3,when entering this UI(see the pic below),p lease click
    Enter, it will complete booting automatically

    i tried to copy the content of the android folder to 2 different usb sticks in many ways fat32 & NTFS but still no joy

    I don’t see the UEFI; BUILT IN EFI SHELL

    This is the options I get


  48. GeekBuyingBlog

    Sorry for the inconvenience friend,please wait some ,we will transfer the problem to the factory immediately.

  49. Byron Whitehouse

    Thank you for your prompt response

  50. this is what i do to get the screen(picture was attached on previous post)

  51. firimwar you upload videos to publish evidence Clicker

  52. How do the installation , the video telling everyone not to take

  53. not be tried at least 30 times in every way

  54. With the installation folder which



  55. youtube video firmware android dowland

  56. google play store

  57. Tsahi Stein

    Order Number: #3328049 not google play store

  58. root or firmware

  59. To Download google play store

  60. Did the update. Now i have the problem that i can not boot into Windows, its now Android box only! How to fix this issue?

  61. GeekBuyingBlog

    It might be that the U disk was not been recognized,please try with another U disk

  62. Hello i got my pipo x7s 2 days now but suddenly the menu to choose which OS to start android or windows is gone.

    Now it boots the last used OS.

    That was android in android i had a OS switch i used it and it switchted to windows. But in windows i do not have a OS switch button its not there.

    Now i can use only windows.

    Now i wanted to try to reflash the system but the firmware i can download from here: is not working on my device its says this 64 bit firmware is not supported. I need the 32 bit version.

    I have tried to download from but that where 9 parts and i downloaded it. And after the download i tried to unpack it. And 7zip says the archive is damaged.

    Can someone help me? Or give me the os switch software for windows?

    Fr Gr: Daniel

  63. Dear friend
    we are sorry for the inconvenience.when Windows OS is chosen,you can click to enter the desktop,you will see an OS shift option on the upper left.

  64. Same issue for me. Tried with multiple USB drives, and no luck.
    Is this even possible?!

  65. Any updates on this?

  66. I have this same problem as neorus said. I copyed the Android files to USB but the Bulit in EFI doesn’t appear. Tried with 3 different USB an none of them appears.
    Is there some “tricky” thing to do to the bios recognize the USB?

  67. Have you manage a solution? I’m having the same issue described by Byron Whitehouse.
    Please, ask PIPO how to make the X7S recognize the USB drive where we copied the Android files. There must be a better explanation about this process.
    It’s not about pressing F7, its about something else we need to do to the X7S recognize the files copied in the USB drive. I tried with 3 differente USB and all make the same thing.

  68. Dear friend
    Please try another usb drive,if it still does not work ,we will contact the factory.

  69. Dear friend
    can you please post your email address here ,we will have customer service getting in touch with you.

  70. Dear friend

    Can you please post your email address here ,we will have customer service getting in touch with you.

  71. you can reach me at igor(dot)ibit(at)gmail(dot)com

  72. Dear friend
    can you post your email address here ,we will have customer service getting in touch with you.

  73. ok thanks we will contact you

  74. our customer service will get in touch with you

  75. still no solution..

  76. Byron Whitehouse

    Thanks for the beta But im still having problems,
    iv now got the updated android (with the play store) but I cant boot to windows .

    Android works but no windows it boots straight in to android & if I press os switch it boots back into android

  77. Dear friend ,can you please post your email address here? we will have our customer service getting in touch with you.

  78. Dear friend ,you also have to root the windows OS after rooting android.

  79. Byron Whitehouse

    Iv NOT ROOTED android you have misunderstand me..I have installed the beta firmware (YOU SEND ME VIA EMAIL) & now I only have android I can not boot into windows
    Beta firmware = no windows (only android)

    When I turn on the pipo it will boot straight into Android

    Os switch only makes android reboot (NO WINDOWS)

  80. Dear friend , this is not a complete firmware, just BIOS. You will have to root the device according to the original process. Only one difference: flash the BIOS we sent you during the first step, instead of the one in our original firmware. The remaining steps stay unchanged.

  81. Good luck with it.

  82. So what’s the solution to people not getting the UEFI: BUILT IN EFI SHELL option?

    Could I please get customer service to email me too to help.

    I did the first part of running “flashwin32.bat” and it all seemed to go fine, the box shutdown afterwards. Now I am stuck where it seems many others have been, I don’t have the EFI Shell option.

  83. Dear friend
    please post your email here.

  84. Did anyone else work this out yet?

  85. dear friend ,we will figure out the solution as soon as possible .

  86. Are you sure that it is X7S you bought ?

  87. I’m 100% sure it’s an X7S. Look up my order number if you’d like to confirm this…#3331226

  88. we are dealing with it,please be patient

  89. Klaus-Peter Müller

    Hello , use this version . It is something new and the BIOS is current . This also works “UEFI: BUILT IN EFI SHELL”. Sorry translate by Google

    xx=tt 😉

  90. Part 3 of the download is unavailable. Can you fix please?

  91. Hi Klaus-Peter,

    Very interesting!!
    You mean that there is a new BIOS version that resolves the problem many users have with the missing “UEFI: BUILT IN EFI SHELL”?

    Did it resolve the same problem for you?

    Also, can you please check the link you posted as I am only getting a white empty page:


  92. Klaus-Peter Müller

    You can go and download the firmware via the link to the original page

  93. Thanks. But can you please specifically confirm that you had before the problem with the “UEFI: BUILT IN EFI SHELL”, and now after using that “new” version the issue has been resolved (without changing your equipment)?

    Also, how do you download the files from there? Website is in Chinese and seems that it requires a login.

    Thanks again!

  94. Is this firmware works on both 32GB and 64GB versions of the X7S?
    I’ve ordered the 64GB:—Silver-345780.html

    Just got the package and this model is already up-to-date. BIOS is even newer than the one here (12/5/2015)

  95. Klaus-Peter Müller

    I have everything loaded with jDownloader . Start the jDownloader and copy the entire page link . I have also used the same stick in the old firmware he did not and in the current he was recognized equal . Here is the link for the BIOS , which might be enough

  96. Great. That did the trick 🙂
    Your tip and the BIOS files link were super useful and it resolved my UEFI SHELL issue.
    I could successfully update my Android and get the Google Play.

    My problem now is that I have no option to boot into my Win 8.1. The boot menu only shows now the Android option.

    Any idea what could go wrong and how to get back the Win 8.1 option?

  97. Klaus-Peter Müller

    That’s right , you should even now Windows flash . USB Flash Drive NTFS format , then rename the USB stick WINPE . Copy all Windows files on your stick . Then you have to boot to the selection menu and select the right Windows characters . The rest is automatic

  98. Have another question:
    Is there a shortcut to switch OS from Windows to Android?
    (Android to Windows switch have a shortcut)

  99. Thanks for your great help. I’ve reinstalled the Win 8.1 (I did not know that the Android upgrade would damage my Win before doing it…). I would expect having 2 separate and independent banks in the ROM…

    So I have now both Android (with Google services and Play store) and Win 8.1 working and can switch from one to the other using the links in UI.
    I am missing however the PIPO initial boot menu and it always boots up as Windows.

    Is this normal after that update procedure? Anyway to get back the initial boot menu?

  100. Issue resolved by a new BIOS version. Please check the thread above made by Klaus-Peter Müller.

  101. But I now get the error “image type X64 is not supported by this IA32 shell”.

  102. Klaus-Peter Müller

    Use the Windows WinToAnd.exe and activate the boot menu. If the link does not work you can find the .exe under User / default / Desktop

  103. The new BIOS does not flash the android update in these files.
    Is there another update???

  104. Dear friend,please check the updates posted by our customer Klaus-Peter Müller .

  105. Did the new firmware solved the overhesating issue?

  106. That doesn’t fix the issue. Flashing the bios provided by Klaus-Peter Müller fixes the problem for people who couldn’t boot using “UEFI: BUILT IN EFI SHELL” but it doesn’t fix the issue as stated above by ibit and again by myself in a seperate post.

  107. I am still getting the error after booting via UEFI: BUILT IN EFI SHELL I am still geting the error “image type X64 is not supported by this IA32 shell”.

    This is becoming extremely frustrating now

  108. Dear friend, you can switch to android via the option in on/off icon.

  109. Dear friend ,firmware has nothing to do with hardware problems. If there is something wrong with the device and it is still in warranty,please contact our customer service

  110. Dette Eriksson

    What does this mean? I can’t find it.

  111. Dette Eriksson

    I have the latest firmware already. But I have lost my boot-screen and I don’t have the option to switch from Windows to Android so I’m stuck in Windows! What can I do?

  112. Dette Eriksson

    I don’t have that button! Where can I get it?

  113. Dear friend, you can not flash android in windows system.when windows root has been completed, you have to restart the device after entering android system to root it. However,if you are not sure whether it will enter android or not, please press ctrl + alt + del to restart the device. After that,please press F7 to enter the shell and flash android. Good luck with it.

  114. GeekBuyingBlog

    Dear friend
    please move the cursor to the upper right, then drag it downward,till a toolbar shows up. You can find the system shift option.

  115. GeekBuyingBlog

    Dear friend ,please drag the screen scroll bar at the bottom to the far right, where you can find a ” – ” option, click it , and you will see the system settings option, click it , you can find the option to boot windows.

  116. Dette Eriksson

    It’s from Windows to Android that I am missing. I’ve looked at all settings and I’m pretty sure I don’t have it. Is there anyway I can get it? Or, is there anyway I can get my boot menu back so that I get to choose wich os to start after reboot?

  117. Dette Eriksson

    Hi! Whould you mind sharing the exe-file? For some reason I don’t have it. And I never had. Thanks in advance.

  118. Dette Eriksson

    Never mind. I found it. If someone else need it here is a download

  119. An update would be nice. I’ve been waiting nearly 2 weeks. What’s the use in having Android if I can’t login to my Google account for emails, apps and everything else.

    I wouldn’t even mind if you offered a solution to root the box so I could install the Google apps myself but I am still waiting for this.