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Onda V820w Dual OS_32GB Latest Win8.1 + Android 4.4 Firmwares_185509 Released 20150519

Dear all,

Glad to share Onda V820w Dual OS_32GB newest firmwares, which include dual os bios, flash tool and method. Please click all these links to download: Onda V820w DualOS_32GB Firmware Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4. (Note: The inside android bios is only for V1 version, and the windows bios is for V1, V3 versions.)

This android bios is only for V3 version: V820W Dual OS_Android_V3 Firmware.

Attention matters: If you need to flash the bios, please flash as your tablet corresponding version; wrong bios will cause flash failure. When decompressing, select all 4 packages together, then decompress simultaneously. Don’t decompress one by one, it will cause some files lost.


Have a nice day!



  1. some instructions would be nice

  2. you will see the flash guide when decompressing the file.

  3. do i have to download al 4 files?, i dont see a guide in any of them

  4. GeekBuyingBlog

    Yes sure,there are 4 parts.

  5. please check your files. there are no instructions anywhere

  6. GeekBuyingBlog

    Dear friend ,you have to decompress the file with winrar software first,then you will see the instruction file.

  7. I tried to update bios and my tablet doesn’t work anymore. When starts it shows just some vertical lines that change color when i touch them

  8. GeekBuyingBlog

    This android bios is only for V3 version

  9. GeekBuyingBlog

    What is your OS version?

  10. I think i have a v3 because in the SN There is a v3. However inside the rar i ve found 3 folders. I begun from BIOS update under Windows (is Just a exe to run..) but after a reboot…

  11. I don t know, but i haven’t update anything excpet the BIOS (without success) from the version 1 to the version 2

  12. dear friend
    we are sorry for your loss
    can you please state your operation in detail and check your android version first? If the incorrect version is applied,it might damage the device.