ECOO E04 Plus 3GB MTK6752 Smartphone Upgrade to Android 5.0 Firmware 184781 20150521

Hi, here is the firmware of Ecoo E04 Plus 3GB. This firmware if for ECOO E04 Plus upgrade to Android 5.0 OS.

Firmware: ECOO E04 Plus 3GB MTK6752 Smartphone Upgrade to Android 5.0 Firmware


These are the Tutorial guides:

Tutorial for the whole process of flashing ROM
Firmware update by USB wire Tutorial
Tutorial and download for SPFT Driver installation

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  1. Hi already in my mobile android 5.0 working and update in ecoo e04 what u release last month. Now I find new blog for android 5.0 please advice me this update it add me any additional feature and resolve my issue like missing option screen gesture. And clock in s view window flip cover.

  2. Dear friend ,the android 5.0 version is unstable.We suggest your restoring to 4.4.Then there will be no option missing.

  3. How to restoring to android 4.4. When ecoo e04 going to release stable android 5 by air.

  4. Dear friend. Even though unstable android 5 it look so good. Please friend may be u have idea to get clock in s view window flip cover in android 5 itself. I attached picture also how it work

  5. We feel so sorry that there is no way to fix it.perhaps you can download a clock app,because there is always a risk in system upgrade.Therefore ,please think twice before upgrading to higher OS version.

  6. hello,how you managed to install android 5.0, me I can not do it please.
    and how to install FlyMe os or miui os if possible?
    thank you in advance