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[Rom Download] New Android 4.4 Stock Firmware For Tronsmart Draco AW80 Plus Android 5.0 Beta Firmware

Hi Guys

Yesterday Tronsmart release their new stock firmware for their draco aw80 octa core tv box, and they also give us a surprise, and bring the android 5.0 beta firmware.

I read a lot of comment about this model, people blame the update is slow, but trust me, guys, we are always talking with them, they never stop working on it, we have submitted different problems to them, and each time, we need to ask our customers to offer very detail information, so they can repeat the problem, and then find it. So in future, If you want us to push some bugs to be fixed asap, please make sure you offer enough information. such as video demo. xbmc version, play source etc.

ok, here we go:

Android 4.4 Stock firmware, version 0318, download link is here:

and changelog is here:

1 Fix DTS passthrough problem in XBMC, Now you can get true 5.1 audio when you enable passthrough in XBMC. (make sure you also go to settings- sound settings, and enable passthrough in system, also choose the audio output to HDMI or spdif.

2 Fix the lines problem in our beta firmware.Now there is no lines in netflix , in veetle, and other similar apps. Actually, there are no lines in our first stock firmware (the 1029version), however after that, allwinner update the sdk, and try to improve the playback, but it cause the line problems, now, we fix it.

3 Live wallpaper is back.

4 USB hub problem solved. Some customer report when they use the usb hub, and insert different device to the hub, the draco aw80 won’t identify the connected device, now it is fixed.

5 Fix some app crash problem, like Albapptv.apk.

6 Optimize video playback

7 other tweaks.

However, we have to say, we also have some unfinished work, they are:

1 Youtube ipv6 problem, because there is no ipv6 network here, so it’s hard to test, we are trying to check how to imitate the enviroment.

2 Youtube 1080p problem, frankly speaking, we have checked similar device in the market, seems it is a common problem . we are working with allwinner for this.

3 app just have image , but no sound, thanks for users to report this, we need a little more time to fix.

Update tools and instruction is here:…ols&

Here is the screenshot:

[Rom Download] New Android 4.4 Stock Firmware For Tronsmart Draco AW80 Plus Android 5.0 Beta Firmware

Also they bring the android 5.0 beta firmware for Draco AW80. The interface is just cool:

Here we go:…

flash method is the same as before, you can check the instruction here:…ols&

Since it is just beta firmware, so you might find bugs, You can feel free to leave comment below, and we will help to push them to fix.

Buy the Original Tronsmart Draco AW80 here:




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  1. hi, somebody check android 5.0 in this device?, sorry my bad english. thanks

  2. I Just got my tronsmart draco aw80 3-24-2015. It did not come loaded with any addons and customer support has been next to nil.. When you go into their forums, it appears there is nothing but problems. So I suppose that is why I am getting no support. Must be a long list ahead of me.. Warning… Do Not Buy

  3. what can we help?

  4. It is with ANDROID 4.4.

  5. but said , tronsmart draco 5.0 firmware beta too in title.

  6. android 5.0 beta version

  7. el firmware de este aparato es realmente malo, muchos problemas y la interfaz es horrible. deberian sacar un software mas acorde al hardware poq la verdad es lamentable

  8. Robert E Bryant

    I bought the AW80 Telos from you through Amazon, and I was excited to get it, but was very disappointed in the box after I had time to put it through it’s paces. The box itself isn’t bad, but the software and support from Tronsmart are horrible. If I hadn’t eventually flashed Finless ROM on it the box would have been nearly useless. I’d suggest distancing yourselves from Tronsmart before they bring GeekBuying down with them.