Questions about Upgrading VOYO Mini PC to Windows 10 and Re-installing Windows
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Questions about Upgrading VOYO Mini PC to Windows 10 and Re-installing Windows

If you still remember, I wrote an article about how to upgrade PiPo X7 from windows 10  last month. Basically it is the same thing if you would like to run windows 10 on a Voyo mini pc. And it is totally unnecessary to partition the disk as I did last time on the PiPo X7 (but you still need the USB flash disk).



Warning: back-up all the drivers before you re-install the system. Just back-up the whole directory containing the driver files to a USB disk or a removable hard disk. When you need to update the divers after re-installing, you can easily find them from the original directory. If not (like I did this time, again. Totally a tragedy.), please download drivers here (provided by the manufacturer) :
(unzipping password:

There is one problem with the original diver program: the Wi-Fi, audio and Bluetooth divers did not work. Thanks to our friend Robert, he provided us the solution from the Lenovo official site:


Later we also got the latest updates from Voyo:
Bluetooth Driver:

Audio Driver:

Wi-Fi Driver

Password: geekbuying

Some screenshots of Voyo mini pc running Windows 10 Technical Preview




screenshot_2 screenshot_3 screenshot_4 screenshot_5


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  1. Hi all!
    I have a Voyo Mini PC, but the Windows crash and I try reinstall it.
    I create a usb pen drive with EFI boot and they dont recognized in the boot.
    I try enter EFI SHELL, but they dont show files.
    I try use a normal Boot CD with Windows 8.1 and they too dont boot.
    Do you can help me ?
    Thank you