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MK809 4k TV Dongle Latest Firmware and Flash Method Released 20150312

Hi, glad to share MK809 4k TV dongle latest firmware, please check below information:

Download link: MK809 4k latest firmware


Flash method:

Flash tool: Rockchip BatchTool
1, Open the “RKBatchTool.exe” in the BatchTool file, on the top, you will see a “FW Path”, click the button on the right side, and select the “update.img” file in firmware file.
2, Connect the box to the computer with USB cable, press the recover button and then power on, remove your hand from the recover button until it connect successfully that shows in  “Connected Devices”
3, Click “Upgrate” to start flash.



  1. How to approach firmware flash by using Linux?
    Because I didn’t use windows for approx 5-6 years anymore
    Is it possible to update firmware from the stick itself?

  2. Hi,

    I bought a: MK809 4K TV Stick Dongle RK3288 2G RAM 8G ROM
    from your shop and I have a major issue with the 8GB internal storage: it is split in 1GB and 6GB partitions. After installing 4 apps I no longer have space on that 1GB and cannot install on the other one.
    Do you know how can I either:
    – merge the 2 partition ?
    – root the device so I can install app that allow config to install on the second partition ?
    – install another compatible firmware that will create a single partition ?

    Please HELP ME as the device is useless without apps !!!

    Thank you,

  3. click settings – apps,check if there is any app you do not need and remove the unnecessary ones to SD card or other removable devices,so as to spare space for your beloved apps.

  4. With 1GB of which 60% is occupied by the OS, you cannot even start to install game like asphalt 8, etc that require a space of 1,4 GB, to move them after.
    Anyhow, where is the “recover button” on this device to flash the new firmware as described in step 2) above, as I only have a reset button.

  5. htuxywzu

  6. Дмитрий Напалков

    hwo has new firmware? 20150618

  7. Дмитрий Напалков

    here is new firmware from facrory 20150711_rk3288_dongle_14.1_fw_mk809_4k