Short Review For The Pipo x7 Intel Z3736F Base Mini PC

Short Review For The Pipo x7 Intel Z3736F Base Mini PC

Since recently people are asking a lot of questions about the Pipo x7 MINI pc, so i decide to make this short review.

First let’s check the specification for the Pipo x7.

Brand PIPO
Model X7
Material Aluminium alloy
Color Silver/Black (two color for choose)
Operating System  Windows 8.1 with Bing OS
CPU Brands Intel
CPU Model 3736F 2.16GHz
CPU Cores Quad Core
GPU  Intel HD Graphics
ROM Nand fast flash 32GB eMMC
Expand Memory T-FLASH(Support 64G MAX)
Network 802.11 b/g/n, 10/100MB Fast Ethernet
Camera N/A
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0

From the above specification, we should notice, the Pipo x7 use the Intel Z3736F cpu, NOT like its competitors in market( they all use z3735f) , The 3736F cpu clock @1.33Ghz, however the Turbo Boost is up to 2.16Ghz, higher than the Z3735F(Turbo Boost 1.83Ghz), which is a plus for the Pipo X7. Except this, Pipo X7 built in 2GB DDR3 and 32GB eMMC( the sample in my desktop is samsung eMMC), for the wifi module, The Pipo x7 use the REALTEK RTL8723BS which just support 2.4Ghz 802.11 b/g/n wifi. For the expanded memory, the pipo official site said just accept 32GB , however, we test the sandisk 64GB Class 10 micro sd card, there is no problem to read and write.  For the Ethernet, yes, it has no gigabit ethernet. please note.

Now i will open the case and take some photos for you guy:

Short Review For The Pipo x7 Intel Z3736F Base Mini PC

Short Review For The Pipo x7 Intel Z3736F Base Mini PC

Short Review For The Pipo x7 Intel Z3736F Base Mini PC

Pipo did a good job in the heatsink, and they use the full Aluminium case, so you should not worry about the heat problem in the x7.

PS: the mark on the pcba is not right, it write z3735f,however, the cpu is not z3735,it is z3736f, please don’t confuse for this.

Now let’s check the port and size for the pipo x7:


Beside the power on/off button,it is the led Indicator,press the power button for about 3-5 seconds to power on the device.

also please note, the accessories in the pipo x7 is only one 12V/2A power adapter, so you should get the hdmi cable if you want to use it.


How to enter BIOS?

when you start the pipo x7, press the Del button on keyboard, and then it will go to BIOS Setting, like the following photo


Now let’s go to the system.  Not like those android tv box, Pipo x7 has the original activated windows 8.1 with bing version installed. If you are not familiar with windows 8.1 with bing os, read this first:

The pipo x7 coming with one year office 365 subscribe. before we ship your orders, we will set the language to english, you can download your own language in pc settings. Connect with your TV or monitor, you will have a real PC now, i think i should not waste time to tell how to use windows well.

This is my short review for the Pipo x7, for the price , i think it is really good value for the price. Not like the android tv box, you will have a working pc with it. I am not expecting to compare this with my I7 laptop, however, for the basic work and daily use, it is really enough.

Enjoy it, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Geekbuying will focus on searching different windows pc, SOON, we will have the dual boot android/windows pc to list in our site, i will do the review for that model then.


Shopping link for the pipo x7:—Silver-339668.html






  1. Hi,
    It’s possible to install openelec ?


  2. I am not sure about openelec, i try to search the similar information, i find this:How to run Ubuntu on the Zotac ZBOX pico mini PC (kinda) – …
    zotac pico use the z3735f, i might try to install the ubuntu.

  3. Hi, above the Intel CPU 2 pads TX and RX ? Serial Console ?

  4. let me know if you get ubuntu working on this thanks