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[ROM Download] 109K4 Stock Firmware For MXQ Amlogic S805 Quad Core TV BOX

HI Guys:

Here is the newest stock firmware for the MXQ Amlogic s805 tv box.There are two versions for the MXQ, one is coming with broadcom ap6181 wifi module(without bluetooth function) , the other is coming with broadcom ap6210 ( built in bluetooth version)

This firmware should work for the above two versions.

If you want to use usb burning tools to do the update, please download the firmware here: (password:

or password: pd1p

please note, you should use the newest usb burning tool, download it here:

The firmware update instruction should be the same as tronsmart vega s89, check it here:

If you want to use SD card to do the update, please download the firmware here: (password:

or password: 1llb

How to upgrade  By Micro SD card:
1.Unzip the zip/rar file,and copy 2 files to TF card Root directory;
2.Insert the micro sd card to MXQ, go to find a toothpick and press the reset button which hide in the AV port; after you press the reset button, power on the MXQ.
3.OK,it will be into update process.

and in the end, here is the changelog you need:

1.Update the skype and XBMC to lastest version.
2.Update DLNA/Aliplay version.
3.Fix video problem when use Hulu and Viet Nam TV;
4.Fix SONY TV(Model:KLV-40V530A)sound stutter in 480i screen resolution 480i;
5. Improve Netflix playback
6.Optimize mkv video playback
7.Optimize TrueHD video playback;
8. Add the support for DVI device;
9. Fix reboot problem when do the screenshot in video playback;
10. Other tweaks

If you have any questions about this firmware, feel free to leave comment below.






  1. For SD update, there are only two files, where is the recovery.img?…

  2. Can you upload the files into a page that is not in chinese? I dont understand anything in Baidu


  3. This is the only thing I see in the download page.

    Why dont you use Mega Mediafire, etc to upload the files?


  4. Hello

    Thanks for the upload.

    What is the password for the rar file on mediafire?? I’m not able to unzipit.

  5. Just update the post.

  6. I just mirror to mediafire. please check again.

  7. already upload to mediafire, please check again.

  8. strange, you can get it from here again:

  9. Do you even test the files you are uploading here??. I just installed the firmware posted here with the USB burning tool and the problem with Netflix is still present.

    Now I figure that the version you uploaded is the 106k4, not the 109k4 so I’m very unhappy.

    Please do something good, My MXQ is now worse than before.

    Also the SD update method doesn’t work because there is one file missing just as FLY said.


  10. hi, i am so sorry, i put the wrong download link, the correct 109k4 burning tool update firmware download link is here:

  11. I wish I have good news but my tv box is now worse because of following your wrong instructions.
    Now I want you tu fix my problem or retur me my money back because my troubles are all because of you.
    Now Netflix doesn’t even play any movie and crashes constantly.

  12. Could your consider removing the passwords from the compressed files?
    It is difficult enough to download and install the files with this strange methods as you do not provide OTA updates to add even more difficulties with the passwords.

    As this is a complex process for most of your customers, we will appreciate if you can do the process as simple as possible. Thanks.

  13. Hey Eric – is there a usb tool for windows 8.1 64-bit by any chance? The one I download just errors out when loading 🙁

  14. Got a Micro SDHC card and the update worked perfectly – Netflix is version 3.2 in the rom while version 3.9 is currently out and if you use google play to update it, every time the system boots it reverts back to 3.2 … is there a way to disable that, or to just remove netflix from the rom so I can install from play store? I tried deleting netflix from the usr folder but that caused the package to error out on the box because of missing files… your help is appreciated.