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M-195 RTD1195 TV Box Latest Firmware Released 20141212

Hello, guys! Glad to share M-195 latest firmware, please check below information:

Download link: M-195 FIRMWARE

Here is the instruction for how to flash the firmware :




  1. link not working Download link: M-195 FIRMWARE

  2. ok it was not working in chrome browser but firefox works sorry

  3. What does this update inprove?

  4. only english and china languages. have not another languages.

  5. When are we getting the latest update for this device?

    I think the Eweat recieved an update that fixes the HD Audio sound DTS HD and DOLBY TRUEHD

  6. have not status bar, need quick menu – home, back, volume and ets.

    because for air mouse need this bar.

    have not multi languages menu.

    flickering mouse cursor

  7. This update is exactly the same as 1127 firmware.

  8. This firmware appears to be failing to register the SD/MMC slot on 2 machines

  9. Hello, How are you?
    I am very interested in RTD1195 SoC.
    I want to make the device with it by myself and write my own firmware on it that control the device.
    Could you possibly help me?
    Do you have SDK or Development tools for it?
    Hope to have your successful business!