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Tronsmart Orion R28 Meta+Pro Latest Firmware and Flash Method Released 20141118

Hi, glad to share Tronsmart Orion R28 Meta and R28 Pro latest firmware, please check below information:

Download link: Tronsmart Orion R28 Meta+Pro Latest Firmware

Flash tool: Rockchip BatchTool


Flash method:

1, Open the “RKBatchTool.exe” in the BatchTool file, on the top, you will see a “FW Path”, click the button on the right side, and select the update_R89_110k4109_tronsmart.img” file in firmware file.
2, Connect the box to the computer with USB cable, press the recover button and then power on, remove your hand from the recover button until it connect successfully that shows in  “Connected Devices”
3, Click “Upgrate” to start flash.



  1. Christopher George Thedesignbo

    Is this a new firmware or the stock one? I never updated it because I think its just a factory one (the same as the one it shipped with )

  2. This is 110k4 stock firmware, check your orion r28 version under settings-about device. and you will find your version.

  3. Christopher George Thedesignbo

    Yea – this is the stock (as I thought) – is there an update?

  4. Hello,
    I have bought the Tronsmart Orion R28 Meta, last month with the new stock firmware 110k4, and the kodi 14.0 (xbmc) is really not stable, keep crashing all the time, on my old device vega s89 it is running very good.

    can you please fix the firmware for this device too?