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M8 S802 TV BOX Latest Firmware and Flash Method Released 20141114

Hi, glad to share M8 TV box latest firmware, please check below information:

Download link: M8 S802 TV BOX FIRMWARE


Flash method:

1, UnZip the “M8 TV BOX Amlogic S802 169451-20141112” file, and copy the files inside to a SD card’s root directory.
2, Connect M8 box to a screen with HDMI cable, press the recover button and then power on, remove your hand from the recover button until the screen turn up a robot, then the box start to flash.
3, It will finish flashing after the box restart automatically




  1. i have installed this rom but XBMC does not start….does someone had the same issue ?
    Moreover my ethernet connexion drops every time…
    seems to be an unstable rom.

  2. I have a few observations:
    I installed hoping to start working HW decoding: amloggic codec in XBMC-in.
    However Wireless loses configuration. XBMC does not work. On the remote controller’s function keys replaced: the volume “+” with HOME and volume “-” from the MENU …
    I went back to the old firmware

  3. Same….managed to install xbmc v13.1 again and that works fine, but the Ethernet thing is a show stopper, very dissapointing, please can you fix all this stuff? thanks

  4. Neophraz Razamataz

    I’d like to update my firmware but these comments don’t look promising. Should I upgrade or wait? How long will it be before the fixes are available for these issues?

  5. For now, the better choice is Finless 1.8 ROM, but Bob (the author) get off. JustMe firmware is very good too and the guy is still enhancing the firmware and doing suport for noobs like us. Thats official firmwares are a shit, so go to freaktab to taking the good ones. the relevant question is if it solve the interlacing problems? this other stuffs, the guys from freaktab can solve easyly.

  6. i recommend you to not install this firmware

  7. Every 15 minutes Ethernet or WiFi automatically disable. I am very disappointed for this, I have to downgrade my box.Please fix it.

  8. Same problem

  9. yep just made the same mistake ! Geekbuying come on !!! why let us download a firmware that is worse then the old one !! not great customer service dudes !

  10. Hi Caa,

    I’ve just bought this M8 box from geekbuying,Dec 8th and the box having problem maintaining the wifi connection.The wifi signal indicator drops to zero bar.It would freeze up and reboot every time I turn it on,after rebooting it seems it runs ok.I tried to ask this seller geekbuying question about it but he seems do not care to answer.I do need a firmware update and my question is” should I use the seller’s firmware 20141114 or should I use the one you mentioned? and if so can you provide the correct link to this finless1.8 rom orJustme firmware.I followed your post to the freaktab website,but I am so confused because so many different TV boxes. Thanks for your help.

  11. Install the application advanced wifi lock from the playstore. This worked form me.

  12. I installed an external antenna from a defective router and this resolve the connection issue

  13. XBMC open and then instantly force close without warning in this firmware version? I would not recommend this firmware….