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MK903V RK3288 TV Dongle Latest Firmware Released 20141017

Hi, glad to share MK903V TV Stick latest firmware, please check below information:

Download link: MK903V TV Dongle FIRMWARE




  1. Hi,

    can you tell us what was fixed / updated? Any changelog?
    As far as i noticed, a very annoying bug seems to be gone: The was a problem with HDMI-handshake on some TVs. E.g. my Philips TV showed randomly everything suddenly in green colours. after reconnecting the HDMI it was gone. For now it seems that this does not happen anymore.

  2. Did not solve the probem with HDMI-handshake, just reduced it.

  3. Yep, I also have a Philips TV and have the same issue. rikomagic is launching a similar dongle mk802 v5, maybe once that is out it might have a newer firmware version and with a lot of luck maybe the firmware might be compatible with the mk903v

  4. Prashanth Venkatesh

    I bought this MK903V from during thanksgiving. I dont know if my mini pc already had latest firmware or not. What is the firmware version of the release and how do I check if I have the old firmware? Can someone please help?

  5. I’ve tried flashing this with androidtool v2.3. I loaded the FW file, then clicked upgrade. All I get is a screen with multiple colours or green mess. Anything I’m doing wrong? Do I need to erase flash before flashing this ROM?

  6. GeekBuyingBlog

    You can flash it directory.Please make sure that the device is powered off and the cables have been connected properly before flashing.