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[ROM DOWNLOAD] New Stock firmware for M8 S802 Square Quad Core TV BOX

HI Guys:

This is the new stock firmware for the M8 Square shape s802 quad core tv box.

there is no change log from factory. but here is the build number and kernel version:

build number is 
KOT49H.20140722 TEST-KEYS

kernel version
Sat Jul 19 11:59:42 cst 2014


Firmware Download link






  1. Why does it keep failing with my m8

  2. have you followed my update instruction? and what is the error messagE?

  3. Is this for
    M8 Amlogic S802 Quad Core Cortex-A9?

  4. I got it going finally file kept staying as a rar file which for some reason this time was hard to change to zip

  5. Also I noticed the xbmc is a tad slower running on this firmwire I’m using the new xbmc u posted earlier from this firmwire

  6. I am not getting DTS HD and Dolby True HD options with M8 S802. How can I enable this? Product spec says it is supported.

  7. When I access external Hard disk thru xbmc, the connectivity is breaking up all the time. I am unable to play any audio / video files from USB drive. Is there a fix for this?

  8. Strange, i also test with the 1TB hard driver, it can work well.
    let me know your hard driver is FAT32 or NTFS? and have you used the newest XBMC APK?

  9. I think it should work via xbmc. How you tested they are not working?

  10. Thanks.. It is NTFS. Let me try the new XBMC apk

  11. I have dtshd files. It is not visible when I view the folder. Also in the settings, there is no option to enable dtshd/Dolby true HD. XBMC support page says I should see those options to play dtshd / true HD files.

  12. I tried 3 hard disks with the new XBMC that you shared. With “1TB-NTFS” hard disk, I dont have any issues. With “500GB-NTFS” and “160GB-FAT32” hard disks, the connectivity is very poor.. Not able to open a single file / folder..

  13. Just curious with the m8 and xbmc do u have to always turn off the accelerators I. Order to get picture or use software and if so which is better to run

  14. I’m new to the android scene sorry for all the questions and last one was if hard ware is better then software for accelerator
    And are there any good apps to run on it you suggest thanks for taking time to answer my questions

  15. Hi Eric,

    Despite the specs of M8 says that it will support DTS 5.1 output via HDMI pass through or SPDIF pass through, my M8 is not supporting it. Do you have a solution? or M8 do not support 5.1 output?


  16. Can someone help me please.. I have an M8 android Box that although it turns off after I switch it off the light remains blue. The problem is that it remains like that even if I leave it overnight. I switched On the TV to check if it turned ON by itself but it didn’t.
    Sat Jul 19 11:59:42 cst 2014

  17. Two questions- Which format does the SD Card need to be in to work correctly? I am using a Mac. Does this recent update encompass all the past updates or do I need to apply them all in sequence?

  18. Hi guys I”m having problems connecting my m8 to a lg hd tv. It works on samsung. On the lg I can see the main menu when powered up but the screen blacks out every time I move the arrow button over to select anything and when I click xbmc I get a ‘no signal’ message. I can use the browser, go into settings, apps, etc but not xbmc. Only shows ‘ no signal’. I use with another tv so I know it works but wondering if this new firmware is not compatible with lg tv.

  19. I bought this box, but can’t get Youtube or Netflix in 1080p. Is is even possible ?

  20. I think it depends on your internet connection speed.
    not the device problem.

  21. can we have the blue led off on power down…… please……

  22. Hi Eric, I am having problems with my wifi, when I go to turn it on the little switch tab goes to on but eventually goes back to off, not finding any networks.

  23. Hello,
    I have problems with streaming live tv using Sopcast. Each time i get sound only, no image. The screen is black. The same happens with an aplication similar to Netflix.
    I cannot try Netflix because I am not in US.

  24. Disable hardware acceleration in the Sopcast, that will fix the black screen. I hope that helps.

  25. To have the blue led off on power down reboot the system before powering off. You can get some reboot apps in google store ( like quick reboot). I hope that helps.

  26. Hi. I have the M8 myself and have installed the latest firmware yet have an issue with mkv movies.

    I have an mkv with 2 separate audio channels due to the languages and whenever i play it or any other it freezes. I have tried in xbmc, using mx player and the 4k video player too. all with the same results, Any ideas?

    Also xbmc will not save my settings like removing the rss feed etc.

  27. Dear Eric, I have downloaded the firmware for the M8 k200 and installed it with sd card method.
    After it finished it never started again. Even the blue light in front of the box doesn’t come up.
    My box is the square one!

  28. as far as i know, there are lots of copied version of M8, do you get the original M8? are you getting from Geekbuying?

  29. Demetris Couvas

    It’s original with Samsung rams