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[ROM Download] Android 4.2 Stock Firmware for CMX Amlogic TV BOX rooted already

This is the stock firmware for the following device:—Black-330173.html

Firmware Download LINK CLICK HERE

just click ” 下载“ button to download file, sorry, i havne’t got time to upload to other place, please bear for the slow download link,but it be downloaded.


How to update the firmware?

Before you begin you will need an SDCard with at least 1GB free space.

Step 1:

Downloads the latest firmware from above link.

Step 2:

Uncompress the update file to the root folder of your SD Card. Insert the SD Card into your android tv box after you have removed power from it.

Step 3:

Insert a toothpick into the SPDIF port on the back of your  android tv box. Feel for the button hidden inside of the port.  Press this button using the toothpick and plug the android tv box back in, while holding this button. Continue to hold this button until the upgrade process begins on your screen.

Step 4:

After the update is finished (about 5 minutes) a menu will appear. Choose the “Reboot” option. When the device reboots you will have the newest firmware.






  1. Sir Is this the same firmware on the device is or where is a new update? Here is xbmc 13.1 on it? Thank you

  2. Yes, same firmware on the device, 13.1 gotham built in.

  3. Thanks sir

  4. Henki Kurniawan Bachtiar

    Dear Mr. Eric,

    I have updated to this firmware and it has same Gotham 13.0, not 13.1


  5. Henki Kurniawan Bachtiar

    Dear Mr. Eric,
    I have connected this CMX TV box to USB External HDD (WD passport), but it seems that the power provided from the USB port is not enough to make my External HDD operational.
    So I added USB hub with extra power to overcome this issue.
    But sometimes this TV Box reboot by itself. I do not know whether the Extra Power has interfered this TV Box or something to do with power adapter of TV Box.

    Any advice?

  6. Hmm,it’s strange problem, maybe it’s power problem, i test with my 1TB hard driver, and i don’t met any problem. hard to make factory modify this. sir.

  7. Henki Kurniawan Bachtiar

    Dear Mr Eric,

    Does your 1TB hard driver powered by outside power supply?
    I use Western Digital MyPassport 1TB.
    The same problem happened as well while connect to my Touro Hitachi 1 TB.
    To over come this problem, I use USB Hub with additional power supply.


  8. No,my hard driver don’t need outside power supply, maybe that’s the problem?

  9. Eric, I downloaded and installed this firmware and now it kept doing the “Android is upgrading…” upon each boot-up and it doesn’t retain my changes/settings. If I remove the SD card from the unit, I don’t get this message, but instead I get the stuck “MBOX” image and won’t continue any further. Do you know what causes this issue or how to fix this? or is my unit defective?

  10. Hi Your device is not defective, you just don’t know how to flash the firmware correct, please follow my instruction, and flash again, after you flash successfully, please delete the firmware from your SD card.

  11. Willie Tirasongkran

    Does this CMX TV Box support Bluetooth? The seller “” keep insisting that the Bluetooth worked on this Box; but I can never turn on the Bluetooth in the Settings! Either the seller’s QC workers don’t know what they are doing or no QCs has been conducted at all?

  12. Willie Tirasongkran

    Why would we want to download this Stock Firmware when the CMX TV Box has the same firmware already installed from the factory?

  13. I need this file , please reupload to another host, the download speed is very slow .

    Im a customer of geekbuying.