Good News! CMX TV BOX can suport MX Linux and OpenELEC, Best Raspberry PI Alternative
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Good News! CMX TV BOX can suport MX Linux and OpenELEC, Best Raspberry PI Alternative

Some days ago, i wrote an review for the CMX android tv box. in that review, i think the CMX is the best entry-level xbmc android tv box.

Recently, after we sell a lot of this device, people begin to ask if it can support MX linux or OpenELEC, i spend some time to test it, and find both of them can work well.

So here is the instruction:

Part 1 How to install the MX Linux?

Download the MX Linux Firmware here to your PC.

Power off the CMX tv box;

Place the on the root of your usb drive or sdcard and plug it in to the device.

Using a toothpick or something similer (non-conductive) push and hold the reset button and plug in the devices power
(Release the reset button once your in recovery).
(The reset button is located inside Spdif port)

Select “Install update from EXT”

If your using a usb drive select “Install from udisk”, else if your using a sdcard select “Install from sdcard”

Select the and wait while it installs

Once install is complete select “Reboot system now”

screenshot after i install the mx linux


Part 2 How to install OpenELEC?

Download the OpenELEC firmware here to your PC.

the rest is the same as above.

screenshot after i flash the OpenELEC

photo 1


Please note, once you flash those firmware, you will lose android in your CMX, only Linux XBMC. It is just for the people who know what it is.

and the reason for some people love this linux xbmc , we can see the following:

XBMC Android now runs fairly well on ARM based hardware, but some people still prefer to run XBMC Linux because they want a pure XBMC experience, and Android si jsut an uncessary overhead, and some features are still better supported in XBMC Linux such as frame rate switching, which is not supported in Android (You need to manually select the refresh rate in the settings).


So, back to the title, if now you are using the Raspberry PI for watching xbmc, now you have a better and faster choice with only $50.

shopping link for the CMX tv box:—Black-330173.html

If you have any problem about this, feel free to leave comment below.








  1. Openelec has some glitches on this hardware. Powerbutton don’t work. Just recieved 2 boxes. Both act a bit weird with Openelec installed. Power off don’t work. Instead it reloads XBMC…….hopefully this can get solved. Also it powers On directly when power is inserted and soes this with the red LED…not the blue….

  2. Thanks for your feedback. I will talk with developer, and let’s check if it can be fixed.

  3. Henki Kurniawan Bachtiar

    Dear Mr. Eric,

    I can not download MX Linux. Somehow the link refer to the web address itself.
    Could you provide another link?


  4. i cant move down to choose option in recovery mode

  5. When I press the power button to shut the unit it only shut down for temporarily and the blue light comes back after awhile.
    I does not stay off with the red light.

  6. I purchased 2 boxes from you guys but it does not say cmx at the bottom of the unit

  7. My unit only goes up to 720p on video settings in xbmc and I cannot change the settings

  8. The link for mx linux is dead, can you please share your zip file?

  9. Hi Eric ,I have a problem , when I have install a update I can’t open my android the screan is black , I can’t reset it please can you give me a solution? please help me , thank you

  10. Are You install the MX linux or Openelec? please try to flash again follow my instruction.

  11. Are You install the MX linux or Openelec? please try to flash again follow my instruction.

  12. Yes,it only support 720p.

  13. Hi, i double check again,it can work be downloaded, please check.

  14. If you order from the CMX link, then don’t worry, it should be the CMX, factory just forget to add the CMX sticker in the bottom in one bulk.

  15. it’s a well known problem, we are checking if someone can fix it. Factory just work for android firmware.

  16. Try to use a wire mouse, and connect the mouse before you power on the device.

  17. GO this page:

    and then choose

    to download.

  18. Thank you Eric for your replay, please can you tell me how can I flash my MX TV box because I can’t reset my TV box? Thank you and have nice day!

  19. I have written the instruction in the post, you should press the recovery button with toothpick and then power on the device, make the device go to recovery mode, and then choose update from ex-sd card.

  20. mmmmmmm only 720p though, any news on a 1080p rom? as my PI does full 1080p and overclocked is smooth as butter.

  21. ok yhank you for your help, when I connect my android box on my tv I can’t open it I can’t see any think on my tv screen, I can’t rest it ,can you tell me if I can rest it with my pc windows because I can’t start it on my tv ! thank you for your help.

  22. Hi Eric… Do you have Skype account? I like the performance of this box. I want to do business with you. Will I get a Discount on large orders? Where can I get Technical support for the box for firmware update. Which one you recommend, openelec or mx Linux.

  23. Hi, yes, we can offer discount for large orders, please contact for more detail.

    and yes,i will always support the device we are selling.


  24. You can reflash your firmware to solve the problem.

  25. Hi Eric, can you tell me or send me one video how can I reflash it? Thank you.

  26. Hi, Eric.
    Nice job. I buy one today for testing.
    If i want to comeback to android after, what firmware i can download ?


  27. Hi Eric.
    -Can’t download OpenELEC firmware from the link, update pleace.
    -I tray MxLinux but don’t work, no remote control, video don’t work well.
    -I saw the “Android Revert” how instal?
    Best Regards Pete.

  28. the box not working just see red light and i cannot open recovery mode can tell me what happen with box !!!

  29. I have a problem.i got the new patch today. tried to flush with openelec, but failed. . I you cant flush the openelec on the new patch. box is dead. any recovery image????? Or Help. thx.

  30. P.I.V.O. Koperovi

    Hi, I have the same problem with new batch. It was unable to flash OPENELEC (instalation always aborted), so I try flash older recommended FW ( from this blog) and box is dead now….no recovery, no signal…