U8 U Watch: Everything you need to know(FAQ)
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U8 U Watch: Everything you need to know(FAQ)

U8, as a smartwatch, has something you must to learn before purchasing.  Check out the list of FAQ please.

U8 U Watch: Everything you need to know(FAQ)

1. Q: Does iPhone can receive text messages on the smart watch?

A: Sorry, we don’t have an app for iPhone right now, it cannot read messages, remote capturing. However, the other functions (call sync, address book, pedometer, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, alarm function, music) works well.


2. Q: Can you give instructions about how to connect Bluetooth?

A: First, download and install the APK in your devices. Download address: http://bit.ly/1oc6xXb

Second, open Bluetooth on your devices and watch.

Third, you can use your devices to search the U8 watch, or use U8 watch to search the device you want to match. When searching finished, please connect them by following the notice. We have a video to introduce the watch in detail, pls click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DAFGx4trZ8


3. Q: Does this watch work with the Galaxy S5?

A: Yes, this is a new Bluetooth Smart U Watch which is compatible with all Bluetooth V2.0 or above enabled smartphones (support Android 2.3 or above),such as iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, Samsung S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 etc.


4. Q: Is it water proof or water resistant?

A: It is Normal waterproof, a little water is no problem. But never put it into water.


5. Q: Does the watch has eternal earphone port to listen music?

A: Sorry, it doesn’t have headphone jack, but it has its own speaker in it.


6. Q: Can you use this watch on Nokia windows phone?

A: Sorry! It is for Android Phone.


7. Q: Can you answer calls directly from the phone?

A: yes, it supports phone answering. You also can dial through the watch.


8. Q: The music function of the watch only controls the music player or does the sound come through the watch speaker too?

A: Yes, it controls the music player and also the sound come through the watch speaker.


9. Q: When you are on the clock/ watch mode, does the screen sleep? Or do I need to keep pressing the power button to know the time of day?

A: Yes, the screen will sleep. You need to press the power button to know the time. Maybe you can set the LCD backlight time according to your requirements.


10. Q: Is this a watch smart phone or a blue tooth watch, and do it vibrate when I get a text message? Thank you…

A: It is a Bluetooth watch, can connect with your smart phone, and can make it vibrate when you get a text message. But only supports Android System. Thanks!


11. Q: Can this watch display a received text message for iPhone 5? I know it definitely cannot send message, but will it display? And can it control music?

A: It does not display text messages, but you can control the music.


12. Q: Does it work for tablets too?

A: Yes,  it depends on your table’s system. All is fine  for  Android device,  while IOS is limited.


13. Q: Can it be set to silently vibrate when you receive a call?

A: Yes, you can set through Ringtone function.


14. Q: What is the battery life like on a day to day basis?

A: Talk Time: about 3 hours

Music Play Time: about 6 hours

Standby Time: about 160 hours

Power Supply: Built-in 230mAh rechargeable battery


15. Q: Does it support images? Can i see my photos on it??

A: Sorry, it doesn’t support images.


16. Q: What’s the material of the watch? Is it durable enough?

A: Yes, it is of high quality. The watch band material is durable and soft rubber. The watch case material is stainless steel.

17. Q: How U8 working with smartphone and bluetooth headset? If I listen music via Bluetooth headset, can I use this watch with smartphone (receiving notifications, reading sms)? Or If i connect headset, would watch be disconnected? I mean, can both devices (watches and bluetooth headset) working together or not (one of them needs to be disconnected)?

A: Yes, can be connected at the same time, headphones and U8 both can control the mobile music. When you use bluetooth headset listening to the music, U8 would show incoming calls, music will be automatically suspended until the end of the phone call. Use headphones listening to music first, then connect U8, the music will come from the U8, but headset still can control the headset, and then the music come from the headset, and vice versa.




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  2. Okay, thank you!

  3. Does the watch brings the barometer sensor or does my phone needs to have it for it to work?

  4. I have purchased one of these watches. I am trying to download. The APk software and not having any luck. I have tried three different phones. Can you please help me?

  5. i have purchased the same U8 watch,
    but from last night its getting charged but not switching ON.
    Can any one can suggest me what to do or how to reset it.

  6. I just got my U8 watch but it’s in Chinese..how do I change it to English?

  7. i can get audible notifications on my u8 but when i select notifier or camera or messaging it tells me to install smartwatch…..wich i have done about 3times with no success i cannot find anything to uninstall it from my phone either its like its all processes/apps are hidden seems very sneaky on the u8 software side of things. dont realy want to factory reset my phone which is a gt9095 samsung galaxy s4 by the way., any help would be much appriated

  8. Makeup sure you didn’t download the wrong app because I’ve seen plenty that’s not legit for these watches out there

  9. Scroll till you see the icon that has a “A” on it then scroll all the way to the top and there is English

  10. Camila Gonzalez

    How can I reset this? It is frozen

  11. Dear friend , please prick the small hole(reset button) at the bottom with a sharp stick gently.

  12. hi.. how to know the clone and the original one?

  13. I have the watch but it will not vibrate when I get a text, my phone vibrate only