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[ROM Download] New Beta Stock Firmware For NEO X8 and NEO X8-H, ADDED XBOX PS3 controller support, NTFS Write etc.

Minix just send me the new BETA firmware for NEO X8 and NEO X8-H, this should be beta 3 version, so what is the change log:


What’s new in BETA3 over BETA2?:

1.) Added XBOX, PS3 controller support;

2.) Removed lock screen when using VPN;

3.) Fixed non-USB audio setting lost after reboot issue;

4.) Added keyboard layouts of NEO X7;

5.) Increased TCP buffer (credit to Finless);

6.) Removed SPDIF auto-standby feature; (experimental)

7.) Support NTFS write;

8.) Fixed filebrowser return key (direct-exit when pressing back button) bug;

9.) Updated preloaded app. version;

10.) Fixed HDMI audio has output when using SPDIF passthrough issue;

11.) Fixed OTA panel message error;

12.) Fixed IR remote can’t select default launcher issue;


BETA 3 Firmware Download Link



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