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Tronsmart T1000 Get New OTA Update Version 11771

Tronsmart T1000 just get the new OTA update, the lastest firmware version should be 11771, you should go to setting/upgrade of your device and get the latest firmware.

Here is the changelog:

1. Modify Wifi indication icons to show more information.
2. Modify boot logo and music.
3. Improve Wifi driver and performance.
4. Improve EDID rule for WiDi support
5. Improve m3u8 compatibility for live tv.
6. Shift subtitles position for better user experience
7. Support *.cdg subtitle files (of the same file name as the video file, less than 2MB).
8. Improve DLNA, Miracast (Asus, Konka, HTC….) compatibility.
9. Fix Greek subtitle bug.
10. Fix minor bugs.

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  1. everything ok

  2. Hello dear,
    The firmwere version of my devise is the latest – 11771! But I have a problem with the subtitles!
    When I use the device in EZcast mode and when I play video I have problem with the Subtitles. The subtitles appeared in hieroglyphics and unknown figures.
    In my opinion the producer – Tronsmart must make a new update because the device is not Cyrillic. In my country – Bulgaria our language is Bulgarian and we write in Cyrillic. Our alphabet is Cyrillic.
    I hope you understand me. And I hope that you will resolve the problem.
    Best regards.
    Hristo Nachev

  3. You fix Greek subtitles. Why don’t you fix Bulgarian subtitles too???

  4. Hi Eric
    I have a satellite system which creates a file. This file is increasing its size dynamically as time pas. When I play this file (as soon as I start to receive signal), using EZCast, it’s not able to detect that the size is increasing and the player stops. The player can’t stop until it doesn’t get an EOF, but it does.

    However If I use windows media player in my PC, WMP is able to detect that this file doesn’t have the original size, continues playing and works well. My problem using WMP is that Tronsmart has low performance in mirror mode, Audio is a disaster, freeze video and low quality

    If I use the ezCast video player, image works perfectly but the player stops 1 minute after start, so it’s no woth it.

    What should I do.

    Best regards

  5. Hi, what should I do if my device indicates no connection to TV and no connection to wi fi?
    Please advise.