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[Rom Download] New Stock Firmware for Tronsmart Vega S89 Standard Elite and S89-H fix google play store no connection problem, added new XBMC version number 104k4

Hi guys:

Here is the newest stock firmware for Tronsmart Vega S89 series, version number is 104k4, why 104k4? the last stock firmware is 102k4, factory give me a 103k4 to fix the bugs you are talking, and then i find google play store show no connection problem in 103k4, and amlogic also release some new patches, so i also ask factory to add in this 104k4, so let’s just skip the 103k4 and use this 104k4, All of the second bulk order have been shipped with the newest 104k4 firmware.

SO here we go:


Fix Google Play Store “no connection” problem
Add PPPoe app
Fix mediacenter can’t be opened problem
fix “com.livetelevision.sportstream_1.2.apk” crash problem;
built in the newest xbmc, fix a/v sync problem, and can play 4K, RMVB formate video with XBMC internal player;(no need to call external MX Player)
improve ddr signal
improve temperature control
improve hdmi compatibility

Firmware Download link:

For Tronsmart Vega S89 Standard and Elite users, download here:

Ps: this also worked for the elite v2.0 and standard v2.0 .

For Tronsmart Vega s89-h users, download here:

Because some customer report, they use the windows 8.1 OS, and can’t use the usb burning tools to flash, so i ask the factory to release this SD card update zip file directly.

You should check the update instruction here:

Please use the method 1.

If you still need the img file, i am uploading it, you can check back later.

IMG file is coming:

For vega s89 elite and standard users, please download the img file here:

For Vega s89-h users, you should wait a little longer to get the img file,it’s still uploading….

For Vega s89-h users, you can download the img file here:



Guys, forgive me i haven’t got time to push factory add the OTA, i will TRY MY BEST to make them added in the next update.







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  1. Aiman Abdullah

    I really appreciate this awesome support but I am tiered of flashing and reinstalling all apps again. please Mr. Eric try your best to push the factory for OTA.

    thank you

  2. Aiman Abdullah

    hello Mr.

    when I press the reset button is in the AV hole and hold it while inserting power cable, the device did not start. so what to do go the recovery mod.

  3. Aiman Abdullah

    hello Mr.Eric

    it works only when I press the power button with the reset button is in the AV hole and hold it while inserting power cable.

    thank you

  4. hello Mr.Eric

    still many apps does not work full screen. please contact factory to solve this issue.

  5. downloaded the IMG file where do I place it . or is it the same with the reset button

  6. Hi,

    Sometimes the box won’t come out of standy, the only way is to unplug te power. What can it be?

    Is is posible to use a logitech harmony remote and get buttons like stop and pause and guide working?

  7. Picture and Sound is out of Sync on XBMC. Lag is random so it cannot be adjusted.

    It is a major issue so please push for an update that fixes this.

    Thanking you,


  8. Avatar photo

    are you sure? the xbmc a/v sync problem have been solved in this update or you should use this xbmc apk

  9. Hi Eric,

    I also have the same sync problems in XBMC Gotham 13.1 as Demetris.
    I dowmloaded it from the official XBMC website.

    The slider to correct the sync problem has no effect what so ever.
    I will try the version you mentioned in your answer to Demetris,

    I will report the results here

  10. Hi Eric,

    To be clear i have to tell you that i am using the Finless rom 1.6.

    I tried to go back to the stock rom for the vega elite using the SD card method.
    No succes, when i put a stick in the reset hole (AV connection) and hear a click, i turn on the power, the Tronsmart does no recovery. It Starts up using the Finless 1.6.rom.

    Can i use the XBMC version in your advice for the finless rom too?

  11. Hi Eric,

    I’ve installed the “Vega XBMC version” and I can confirm that the A/V sync problem is gone now. So thanks for the tip!!

    Never the less an other problem occured concerning the audio Pass Trough function.
    Since i have the Elite version i let my Onkyo receiver do the decoding, so i have this function in XBMC enabled for the DTS as well for the DD5.1 streams.

    The DTS stream is perfectly decoded by my receiver, the DD5.1 stream NOT.
    DD5.1 gives a lot of distortion. (in the display of the Onkyo i see PCM as stream)

    When i disable in XBMC the Pass Trough function for DD5.1 the sound is crisp and clear, but as far asi can see it is not DD5.1 but PCM, altough the sound is coming out of all my speakers including the sub.

    Do you have an explanation for this problem.
    For the rest i’m very satisfied with this player

  12. I have a problem where the ethernet speeds recieved by the box is only 30MB when my internet is 105MB on my PC, it also has black screen on XBMC gotham, if someone can link me to the relevant version i would be greatfull, BBC iplayer does not work either, black screen again. can you please push for an OTA update asap!
    Please note i am rooted using the guide

  13. Hi do you know when there is going to be a fix for the tronsmart vega s89h
    So we can use purevpn app or any vpn app
    As i still can not my purevpn to work thanks roger

  14. Thank you Eric so much! You are a great help & a wonderful person!
    I just did update my s89-h by SD card method; it helped me connect to the google play store.

    Just need a bit more help- when I connect the Mele f-10 pro remote, the sound goes away from my tronsmart vega s89-h to the remote; when I remove the remote-receiver from s89-h, the sound comes back to TV.
    Do you have a solution for this?
    Best Regards,
    Anil Mahapatra
    Mumbai, India

  15. How do I do the uppdate ??

  16. David Marciuš

    any support forum for vega s89?

  17. Hi Eric,

    I follow the step to upgrade the Vega S89-H. now after the upgrade to104k4 , I can not install any apk files and give me this message”can’t open file”

    Please help me

  18. why do you use 104k4? now the latest firmware for 107k4.

  19. I am not able to make calls in skype with recommended logitech webcam. after dialing the contact skype cancel the call.

  20. which Skype version are you using? we test with Logitech c170 and c270, both of them can work well.

    make sure you choose enable video chat in Skype.

  21. which Skype version are you using? we test with Logitech c170 and c270, both of them can work well.

    make sure you choose enable video chat in Skype.