How to root Minix NEO X8 and NEO X8-H Quad Core tv box?
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How to root Minix NEO X8 and NEO X8-H Quad Core tv box?

Minix Neo X8 and X8-H is the newest products from MINIX brand. Both of them use Amlogic quad core chip. Neo x8 features the amlogic s802, while the Neo X8h features the S802-H chip which support Dolby DTS hardware decoding.

Though the hardware have a little difference betwen NEO X8 and NEO X8H, however, the firmware root method  should be the same.

There are two ways to get the root access:

Method 1:

1) Download this zip file and put it on a SDcard. DO NOT unzip it!

Zip File Download LInk

Note: It may work on the internal SDcard but I did not test it as you cant write to it from the PC as this ROM does not support Mass Storage.
2) Put the SDcard into the NEO X8/X8H SD slot.
3) Go into your APPs and run the update tool.
4) In the update tool click the “select” button. It should list the file NEO Click it.
5) Now press the update button.
6) The system should reboot into recovery and automatically install the zip.
However sometimes it reboots to the recovery menu! Not sure why.
If it does, then using the mouse, select “Apply updated from EXT”
Now select SDcard. You should see the NEO file. Select it.
Recovery will then install the update. When done select reboot system from the menu.

Method 2:

1 Power on your Minx NEO X8/X8H  tv box. and turn on the USB Debug choice under setting;

2 Use the usb cable to connect your neo x8/x8h tv box with your windows PC;

3  windows pc will detect to find a new device, and try to install the drivers, if you have problem to install the driver,please make sure to install the following tool in your pc:

4 Now we need to download the root tool, here is the download link:

install the “VROOT” and run it, it will detect the neo x8/x8h, and just click “get root” button. This tool will help you to gain the root.

5 After one restart of your neo x8/x8h, the vroot will inform you that you already get root access.

How to root Minix NEO X8 and NEO X8-H Quad Core tv box?

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  1. Hi Eric, did you test the root via SD in the meantime? What do you mean exactly with “It may work on the internal SDcard but I did not test it as you cant write to it from the PC as this ROM does not support Mass Storage.”? Thx

  2. Avatar photo

    Yes, root via sd card is also ok, i tested.

  3. Thanks for posting the rooting info for this unit, however I have run into a strange problem that new buyers need to be aware of. It seems that a newer version of the recovery was installed on the device I just received. It has a build of KOT49H.20140530 as opposed to this youtube video which has KOT49H.20140529. This newer version on my device rebooted to recovery when performing method 1 listed above. The “OK” key on the IR remote would not trigger “ENTER” in the recovery menu. I could move up and down, but not select anything. I then tried to use the bundled Air mouse from MINIX and it worked as it should. Simple really, but frustrating.

    If you didn’t get the bundled airmouse, you can use a usb keyboard or mouse, or just use method 2 to root.

    It’s mentioned here in the Minix Forum

  4. Hi, is it possible to root the device with an USB instead of a SDcard?

  5. Why does AmLogic mess with xbmc. Kodi team has over six years of development into Kodi, no longer supports xbmc 13x, the latest stable version now being 14.2, & team working on 15.0 which will soon be the standard. I’ve used a ton of AmLogic boxes from M3, M8, MQ, MX…MXIII. They all have problems running xbmc & frankly that is the ONLY reason I want their boxes. All the Android bloatware I could absolutely do without. Maybe it would be a great box if you first ROOT it & install some custom ROM. Otherwise, none of the boxes give even remotely close to the experience of running Kodi on a Raspberry or Banana Pi under a pure Linux system.

  6. Dear Ray

    From our experience,Amlogic has the best support for XBMC.We do not know what happened when you using M3, M8, MQ, MX…MXIII to run XBMC.Could you please post here?

  7. I have been in contact with China manufacturer directly. while they disagree with many of my criticisms, they do acknowledge some of the central issues I raise. Nobody wants the KitKat bloatware. All I want is Kodi & not messed with. I don’t know if they even publish their source code. I’d just like box to be Kodi compatible as Team Kodi develops it. I don’t want their skin or any other messing like disallowing expert level. The black screen issues are documented. They have misconfigured the kernel & I don’t want to have to fix it. If they make boxes, they should stick to making boxes, period.

  8. I’m no expert of Android, but the KitKat version on AmLogic boxes I’ve been buying don’t allow writing to external SD card or USB. That’s a problem for rooting. I’ve done it, but it’s a major pain in the a**.

  9. By the way, those instructions are available from Finless. I’ve tried all of them on the MXIII 4K and NONE of them worked. I had to do a major twist & turn to a sideload using ADB.

  10. Sorry, I did not use Moborobo. The instructions I saw sent one to a Chinese site with software that didn’t work.

  11. GeekBuyingBlog

    It makes sense