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[Product Review] Tronsmart Vega S89 HDMI and Optical Passthrough Test

HI Guys:

We get the first bulk of Tronsmart vega s89 in stock,and finish this passthrough review. Here is my test device:

1 Tronsmart vega s89 quad core tv box;

2 Yamaha RX-375 5.1 Receiver

3 Yamaha NS-P40 Speaker

I test different 1080p mkv, ts format local video file, and use built-in XBMC to play them!

First test the HDMI Passthrough, here is how i connect the tronsmart with receiver and TV.

I use one male to male HDMI Cable to connect tronsmart vega s89 and the yamaha receiver( use the hdmi in port in receiver) and then use another male to male hdmi cable connect the receiver with TV ( use receiver’s hdmi out port).

and on the tronsmart vega s89 setting, i change the audio output to hdmi passthrough, and enable passthrough on xbmc.

Here is the test result:

1 Dolby (AC3) 5.1 HDMI passthrough ——–OK

2 DTS 5.1 HDMI passthrough——-OK

3 DTS-HD HRA 5.1HDMI passthrough—–OK

4 Dolby True-HD 5.1 HDMI Passthrough—can’t work, receiver just show 2.1, not 5.1;


Second, let’s test the optical passthrough,here is how i connect:

use male to male hdmi cable to connect tronsmart vega s89 and the TV. and then use the optical cable to connect vega s89 with receiver.

and on the tronsmart vega s89 setting, i change the audio output to optical passthrough, and enable passthrough on xbmc.

here is the test result:

1 Dolby (AC3) 5.1 HDMI passthrough ——–OK, but with noise.

2 DTS 5.1 HDMI passthrough——–OK, but with noise.

3 DTS-HD HRA 5.1HDMI passthrough——OK, but with noise.

4 Dolby True-HD 5.1 HDMI Passthrough—same as hdmi passthrough problem, can’t passthrough 5.1.

So, seems the HDMI passthrough is working ok, but there is something problem with optical passthrough. I have reported this problem to factory, and check if they can fix it.

any questions, feel free to leave message here!






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  1. Thanks Eric. Tests sound good. I am still looking for Netflix test 🙂

    You can use this app to play netflix

    Gopichand Pai

  2. Avatar photo

    what do you want me to test on netflix? i have use other vpn to visit netflix, can watch video without problem, but sadly,it is not netflix HD.

    i have searched a lot of information, seems only the nexus 7 2013 support netflix hd, correct me if i am wrong.

    or anyone know how to watch netflix hd on those android tv box, please let me know.

  3. I was mainly looking for Netflix HD and 5.1 surround sound from Netflix. I may be wrong but I heard that Netflix is supposed to have HD from 4.3/4.4

  4. Eric, thanks for the HDMI passthrough evaluation. Sounds promising. Also, what version of XBMC were you using? From your video about this device, you showed XBMC 14, I could never find that version by searching the web. I have a CS918S and cannot get passthrough on any of the XBMC versions that I have tried. Can you verify that you get passthrough using XBMC 13 beta 3.

  5. Eric-can you please test HDMI passthrough using MX player?

  6. Avatar photo

    how to test that?

  7. I mean, connect the box to your sound system thru HDMI. Connect sound system to TV thru HDMI.

    Now, play the videos(same ones you used to test above on XBMC) on MX player and see if your sound system shows 5.1.

  8. Hallo Eric!
    When will the Vega in which Version the usual
    Standard Android Desktop, not tiles? Is the Version
    then extra named?

    Thank you –
    Jochen, from Germany

  9. lubbert franken

    Hello Eric

    what is the best airmouse to use by the tronsmart vega s89
    and is xbmc customised or is this a normal version

    thanks Lubbert