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New Stock firmware for Onda V975m Amlogic M802 Quad Core 2.0GHz Android 4.3 Tablet PC Released 20140426

Dear all, good news!

New stock firmware for Onda V975m Amlogic M802 Quad Core 2.0GHz Android 4.3 Tablet PC released! If you have some problems need to flash rom, you can try it.

Download firmware V1 version
Download firmware V3 version
Password is

How to confirm the version of your tablet?
Please check the back of your tablet serial number, the 9 and 10 numbers you can get your tablet version.

1  Improve and perfect OTG function
2  Consummate “Settings–Developer options—Force GPU rendering”
3  Consummate AP searching problems after wifi disconnected

Please confirm your tablet has power above 60% to prevent power shortage caused by a failed upgrade.
Please backup important data, prevent file loss.
After the little green robot disappeared, probably about 1-2 minutes to appear black updated interface, then please be patient, do not do other operations.
If the little green robot disappeared, brush machine interface does not appear any more, there may be TF card doesn’t read, please try to another TF card.

1 Download the firmware, extract the following five documents:
2 Prepare a TF card capacity 16GB or less, then take the TF card formatted to FAT32 format on your computer.
3 Please copy five files to the TF card.
4 Power off the tablet, insert TF card.
Note: If the original firmware version of your tablet is v1.0.6, please don’t choose “fast boot next time” when you shutdown your tablet, or can not flash tablet.
5 Press and hold the volume + key, then press the power button until the tablet is displayed a small green robot on the screen, release the button, the tablet will be updated automatically.
6 When the tablet turn on automatically, the upgrade is complete.

shopping link for Onda V975m Amlogic M802 is:

16GB version:

32GB version:

Enjoy the firmware, any questions, feel free to ask!

Geekbuying Team!


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  1. This firmware has been available for about for about a month and is the jellybean firmware (there is also KitKat firmware v2.0.1) – same as some of the other firmwares, the typing lag is fixed, but the wifi issue (for v3 hardware) is still there.