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[ROM Download] New Stock Firmware for CS918S Allwinner A31S Quad Core TV BOX built in XBMC,seems support hardware decoding

HI guys:

I begin to play with different chips, not just the rockchip. lol, here is the newest stock firmware for CS918S, come with the app called, but when you click it, you will find it is just the, and i try to throw some demo blue ray video, it can play, i through the 4K demo video,it can play. i will test the DTS AC3 5.1 Passthrough later. but till now, the xbmc performance is realy making me feel good.

ok, here we go. you can download the firmware here…rar


How to update the firmware?

1 download the firmware from above link, and download the update tool PhoenixSuite

2 Select the firmware image in Firmware tab

3. Connect CS918s (microUSB) to PC (USB) while keeping the recovery button pressed on your CS918s. You should hear the sound of the recognized device by windows. Then release the button.
4. You’ll see the green upgrade progress bar started.
5. It takes 3.5-4 min. Once over, disconnect the unit. You’re ready to go.

shopping link for the cs918s is here:—Black-322402.html


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  1. Where the recovery button is located?

  2. Avatar photo

    In the back of the CS918S TV BOX, check it.

  3. few days ago I bought the CS918S . I have problems with the date and time. Whenever you start the tv box writes date 02/01/1970 time 08:00 ,I tried in both settings manually save- auto wi-fi but the same problem exists!
    I did the above steps for upgrading, nothing changes!.
    The only solution I found is: when i start tv box go to the setting and I do manual system update and everything is ok! This is not a solution!
    There is any application to do this when it start? (auto update )
    Thank you!

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    it is because there is no built-in battery in cs918s. so it is annoying to do that after you restart.

  5. Thanks for the reply. Problem solved when I tried to install the previous software(11/12/2013) and after a while when I installed the new software (7/3/2014) now is working normally and make auto update in wi-fi mode.

  6. Hi, would it be OK if update my firmware on my CS918S with A31, not A31s? Also I ‘ve seen other posts that Bluetooth mouse and Google TV remote stopped working after the update. Please, share your experience. I am kind of hesitated to update the new firmware. Thanks so much.

  7. Hello,

    I tried to root CS918s in the purpose of flashing it with a custom ROM. Unfortunately, after booting in recovery mode, I couldn’t select the required task using a mouse or a keyboard (going up and down doesn’t work). So, I went ahead and reboot it and at that moment when all my problems started over. The device is showing a black screen and doesn’t boot up (there is a display signal). Also, the device is no longer detected via USB either on windows or on linux.
    The only solution for me is to flash it with a valid firmware through a micro SD card. And here, the problems keep on popping up. Phoenixcard tool through “Script NOT found” error whenever I try to load the .img file (2013 or 2014) version.
    I’ll be very thankful if someone can give me a hand on getting the life back to this device.
    Thank You.

  8. Hi,

    Where i can find the KitKat Stock Firmware ?