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[APK] The Best XBMC Version ( Beyond XBMC) For Rockchip RK3066/RK3188 Android TV Boxes TV Sticks

First i want to say thank you for the APK Developer Flumpster, i just get a time to test this apk ,and find it is really good for the hardware decoding in this XBMC version in the hot selling RK3188/RK3066 Android TV BOXES.

so what is is Beyond XBMC?

It is a special version of XBMC, and first design for rockchip device, but later, people find it also can use on allwinner and other chips. but rockchip works best in my best.

Where i can get this apk?

original download link


How to install?

Just install it like any other APK now with whatever build.prop you like. It takes a long time on first run (about 2 minutes) while it sets everything up. The screen will go black and then it will go thru a few backgrounds, Just wait it out. It will launch normally after the first time.

If you find that the Interface it too slow on your device then go to Skin Settings and under “General” click on “Enable Minimum Specifications Settings”.

Where we need  this?

well, i have tested this apk the whole day yesterday, as we all know, expect the Minix products, all of the other rockchip device can’t support XBMC Hardware Decoding, means when you play 1080p videos on XBMC,it will have lags, and play blu ray videos is almost impossible. however, with this Great Beyond XBMC version, it can play 1080p video smoothly on XBMC built-in player, i have tested the 13.0 gotham beta version,it also can’t have good performance like this beyond xbmc version.


I strongly recommend you guys to use this version and solve the XBMC problem if you have.


Enjoy, and thanks again to Flumpster, you guys really did a great job!!!




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  1. thanks will do also will try this on my cs868 allwinner a31

  2. Avatar photo

    don’t work well on the allwinner chip, but the cs918s with allwinner a31s chip should built in xbmc, called vodin me, you can download the firmware here

  3. Works real good. Amazing job! Everything is preconfigured with all the repos. Using MK809 Dual Core Rockchip.

  4. thanks eric will look into it

  5. Im hoping someone can help me out…

    I just got a q7 from Geekbuying. I installed Beyond XBMC and am trying to get it to work as a frontend to my mythtv and hdhomerun primes.

    I was able to find the cmyth plugin and enable/configure it but I can’t seem to get it to launch. I don’t have a live TV section or anything.

    When I go to system, the pvr service is grey out.

    Can I get the Beyond 3.3 version to work with my mythtv backend? If so, how? I have tried everything I can think of and an out of ideas.