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[ROM Download] CX-919 New Stock Firmware, solve the screen flickering problem

HI guys:

This is new stock firmware for CX-919, we get some customer report, that they have the screen flickering problem, after talk with factory, they send us this new stock firmware, you can download here

customer report the old firmware make the cx-919 have no wifi/bluetooth, so we reupload the firmware again:

if there is a password, it should be


Here is the flash tools:


make sure you press the FN button on the stick, and then use the USB Cable to connect to your PC. your pc will find the new device, and ask you to install the driver.


if you have problem to install driver, visit this instruction here




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  1. Adri van den Wittenboer

    Flickering is over, however wifi doesn’t work. I have a CX-919 v2.0

  2. Doesn’t flicker, but wifi and bluetooth doesn’t work!!. Can’t enable it.

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    thanks for the feedback, have contacted the factory urgent, and wait for a fix.

  4. You seem to be trying, but barely. Don’t you even test anything out first? There is also no power button on task bar anymore.

    How do I set app to SD card when it see the band memory as SD???

  5. I have tested it too but wifi and bluetooth doesn’t work. Can’t enable it.

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    Already know the problem, and will upload new firmware.

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  8. A lot of thanks, I have tested the fixed rom and now it works good wifi & bluetooth.
    Only, one question, I have tried to root it with KINGO ANDROID TOOLS but it hasn’t been possible.
    Do you know other valid method?

  9. Dear Support,

    I am really happy to buy it from you because of your so nice after sales service, you are time to time releasing its updates, this new firmware solve my issue of flickering, but now i am facing two issues which are serious please help me in this matter,

    The wifi stops working after 10 to 15 seconds or gets hell slow that even no website opens. Every time i have to make wifi on and off on my cx 919 in order to use it for 10 to 15sec. Please note i downloaded your recent update and install it, i downloaded it from your new link, and this problem is not related to my wifi router as all other devices in my home are working fine with this router, and on safer side i tried on 3 different wifi router as well. but problem continues, i was never facing this problem in my factory installed firmware. The time i started changing from your site, i am facing this issue.

    I am using mele f10 pro air mouse with this device, all your previous updates were working fine with it, but now in settings>sounds there is no option of sound manager, in previous versions i go to settings>sounds>sound manager and select hdmi as sound output, but i was amazed to see that now in your current firmware there is no such option of sound output, this default function is removed, i cannot listen my cx 919 sound on my TV without this option.

    Please help me immediate on this issue or please at least guide me from where i can download the factory installed firmware/rom, as there was no issue in that factory installed firmware/rom, i just thought to upgrade because of taking real 1080 picture, but at least there was no wifi or this sound etc problem.

  10. Thank you for the new updated software. However, everything else is working only problem now is that I can’t download files from the internet when using any browsers. Any suggestions… 🙁

  11. Device works now without flickering and wifi+bluetooth works too without problem.
    But any suggestions, how could i root the device with this firmware?
    I tried the method recommended by geekbuying on this site:
    But this does not work. The batch file says always error: device not detected.
    Rockusb drivers installed properly. My pc detects it if i connect it to usb while i’m pushing FN button. And i can install other firmwares, custom roms too.
    But i can’t root this.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    PS: USB debugging is enabled, usb storage mode disabled.

  12. How can i install the google android usb driver for Tronsmart CX-919 (from the android sdk) to be able to use it with the rooting kit mentioned previously long ago on this forum topic for cx-919s.
    The main problem with that ‘kit’ (, that the android debug bridge (adb.exe) can’t find my device. If i install the rockchip driver for it, it’s ok, i can install new firmwares, roms, but can’t adb.exe find my device, and so, it can’t root it.
    I have tried several methods already without success. It’s a clear new rom install with this rom. USB debugging is enabled in developer options on device. Installing from other sources than google play store option is enabled too.

    I have tried to add my device by hardware id informations from Device manager on Windows to the “android_winusb.inf” in the google usb driver, and installed successfully the driver, but still adb.exe still can’t find my device. Maybe i added it with false information, i don’t know.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  13. Will there be a finless ROM that will fix the screen flickering as well?

  14. the password doesnt work for the firmware package.

  15. I just thought I’d through in my 2 cents. “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” I’m using Bob’s 1.6b ROM and everything just works perfectly. My Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth KB stays connected, My N WiFi works perfect, No screen flicker, and the list goes on!
    The only issue I was having was with XBMC (Stable and nightly’s) due to lack of Cache size. Recently I found “Beyond XBMC” and this fork of the original is perfect for the CX-919! Now every 1080P file I stream plays wonderfully and I was even able to stream a untouched BD50 with just the occasional buffering. I did that as a test only as I have a BluRay player, so no factor.
    Just make sure the stick gets lots of power, Use the PSU that comes with it and add a powered 10 port USB hub. Make sure is stays cool, I use a sweet little 80MM caged variable speed silent fan blowing over the stick I use a (Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan). And finally use a class 10 MicroSDHC (I use a Transcend 32GB MicroSDHC Class10 UHS-1).
    With this setup, my stick never reboots or dismounts the storage as many people have issues with.
    I will upgrade when the 8 core with AC WiFi becomes available, but until then I’m a very happy camper!

  16. I will comment my experience with the CX-919:

    With original ROM:
    It reboot itself ery often.
    With Finless ROM 1.6 ROM:
    All fine, except the screen does a constant screen flicker.

    With the latest official ROMs downloaded from geekbuying:
    No reboots or flickering but I’m not able to activate the WIFI/Ethernet. I click in wifi option to active it and few seconds after, come back to “off” itself.

    The only difference I’ve noticed when installing the finless and other ROMS is: with finless the first reboot starts the configuration wizard, witht that wizard there is an opciont to active WIFI. But the other ROMS load directly without wizard. there is any way to run that wizard manually. (I’ve done factory reset)

    Any idea?

  17. 我需要ROOT权限,可是用了很多方法,都无法获得。

  18. Hi,

    I’ve tried almost all roms for my CX-919 and the Wifi and Bluetooth still not working.
    Any suggetions?

    Thank you.

  19. Installed updated firmware and i still have flickering screen problem

  20. Rodrigo Andrés Campos

    I have the same problems and this is my CX-919 android TV

    the problem is that you have a CX-919 With RK3188T + WIFI RTL8723BS and you can check opening.
    the rom works best is this and I still have flickering screen problem (much less than others)

    PCB Netxeon BOX_V2.0_20140325

  21. What is that mean with “Stock Firmware” ?
    I newly get this USB Andriod stick and there was Andriod 4.4.2 on it. But i have issue with the VPN connection! Anyone have the same problem?

  22. stock firmware means it’s the factory firmware. there is no change for it.

  23. hello,
    i have a cx 919 rk3188t
    i flash this :

    this is working but i have a flickering on the screen

    I can not to flash that version, in the software evreteen is ok but when i connected to the tv its show : no signal video

    what i can to do?