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How to Root Onda V975M Amlogic M802 2.0GHz Android 4.3 Tablet PC?

Good News!

Some days ago, many customers asked us about the onda v975m‘s root method. Today, we get it and will be share with you.

Download the root method

Password is

Method is very simple:

1. Prepare  a TF  card, about 8G memory.
2. Copy file “factory_update_param.aml” and “” to the TF card.
3. Shut down your tablet, Insert TF card. Then press “volume +” and hold, press power button, the tablet will boot by itself and root begin.
4. When it reboot, the desktop will appear a app “SuperSU”, root complete.

Hurry and try to root your Onda V975m!

If you haven’t such a tablet — onda v975m now, it’s time for action.

Onda V975m 2G+16G version:

Onda V975m 2G+32G version:





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  1. Does this root method work with a 32GB microSD card?