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Tronsmart T1000 Mirror2TV Miracast Adapter Get New Firmware (Version 11281)

HI Guys:

Tronsmart just release a new firmware for their Tronsmart T1000 miracast adatper, here is the changelog:

1. Improve miracast to support Win8.1, Samsung S3/Note2/Tab2 (multiple firmware versions), Sony Z1
2. Improve DLNA compatibility
3. Compressed OTA to speed up OTA
4. Support Multi-Language SSID name
5. Speed up AP setup
6. Support Sony DV video (AVC-HD) streaming
7. Auto language sync between dongle and EZCast App
8. Improve EZAir to support iOS7.0.4
9. Improve Web divert for some websites
10. Improve Buffering/Volume UI
11. Show Mac address for mac filtering internet AP
12. Fix minor bugs

Since the Tronsmart T1000 support OTA upgrade, you can just go to settings, and click update to get this newest firmware.

Also if you have problem to do the OTA, you also can update the firmware manually, here is the newest stock firmware for Tronsmart T1000:

and upgrade instruction is here

Enjoy,and any questions, welcome to report back!


Geekbuying Team

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  1. Hi Eric,

    Please see below and update firmware ASAP:

    Every article on describes how to connect directly to T1000’s SSID which is not what I am after. I want to use the dongle via my wi-fi AP(the dongle already connects to it automatically on boot).

    DLNA Control Point – Wi-Fi AP – DLNA Renderer = What I Want!
    i.e. My Device – Wi-Fi AP – T1000 = What I Want! = Want to be able to use above with standard Windows 8.1/iOS/Android DLNA Control Point software(NO Ezcast) straight from boot
    My Device – T1000 – Wi-Fi AP = How It Works Now = No good for me! = Update Firmware Please

    Here are the steps to have a “DLNA Control Point Wi-Fi AP DLNA
    Renderer” setup at present:
    – Connect directly to T1000 SSID
    – Start EzCast app
    – Wait for screen on TV to change
    – Disconnect from T1000 SSID and connect to Wi-Fi AP
    – Use DLNA Control Point software to play content on TV via Wi-Fi AP

    Here are the problems with above:
    – Connecting/Disconnecting with T1000 SSID is unnecessary – please add
    settings option to provide DLNA Renderer functionality via Wi-Fi AP straight
    from initial boot
    – DLNA Control Point software support is very poor(Windows 8.1/iOS/Android) – have to try multiple
    times to play video/video stops frequently/no way to scroll through video
    from device/no way to adjust volume from device

    Here is what’s required:
    – Have your devices connected to WiFi AP as per normal(no need to connect/disconnect)
    – Boot T1000
    – Start using DLNA Control Point software straight away – NO direct connection required and no loading EZcast at first to get past the first screen on TV!!!
    – Not interested in mirroring functionality, however, mirroring should be working through both WiFi AP and directly connected to T1000′s SSID

    Hope firmware can be adjusted soon – just need an option in settings to work through Wi-Fi AP from boot without EZcast confirmation.


  2. Hi Eric,
    The firmwere version of my devise is the latest – 11771! But I have a problem with the subtitles!
    When I use the device in EZcast mode and when I play video I have problem with the Subtitles. The subtitles appeared in hieroglyphics and unknown figures.
    In my opinion the producer – Tronsmart must make a new update because the device is not Cyrillic. In my country – Bulgaria our language is Bulgarian and we write in Cyrillic. Our alphabet is Cyrillic.
    I hope you understand me. And I hope that you will resolve the problem.
    You fix Greek subtitles. Why don’t you fix Bulgarian subtitles too???
    Best regards.
    Hristo Nachev