G910 Game Controller New firmware and connection app, fix the  analog stick problem
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G910 Game Controller New firmware and connection app, fix the analog stick problem

Hi guys:

After we release the G910 game controller, it has been very hot and selling well, we collect customers feedback,and transfer to factory, and push them to fix problems.

In the last firmware, some customer report the analog stick can’t work well with some models smartphone, like MTK ones in the FPS games, like dead triggle. Here is solution:

1 Download the new firmware here


Here is the firmware flash tool:


How to install the new firmware?

run the flash tool you just download, click “open file” button to load the new firmware you just downloaded.

NOw you should take your G910, press “Start” button,and “select” button together, they system will inform you find a new device, and now you should go to device manage to install the driver, download the driver here:



after you install the drivers, click ” update” button on the flash tool ,and the new firmware will be flashed.

2 Downlod and install the two app to your smartphone:



3 Make sure your phone is rooted!

4 If you have installed the old gamecenter app, you should have one folder called” bitgames_box_tv” on your smartphone file, please Delete this folder!

5 Turn on your smartphone,and run the “openpad” app you just downloaded, you will see the following menu:G910 Game Controller New firmware and connection app, fix the  analog stick problem

6 Now take your G910 game controller with newest firmware, press the Y button first, and THEN press the Home button, you will see the first 3 led flash quickly. now click” 添加手柄“button on the above photo.

the app will help to search the G910 and pair, you will see this:

G910 Game Controller New firmware and connection app, fix the  analog stick problem

Just click Pair button. and it will inform you pair successfully, like this

G910 Game Controller New firmware and connection app, fix the  analog stick problem

Now you should have just one step left to config your g910. Go to your smartphone setting– click “language&input” and make the default input is gamepad alliance controller

G910 Game Controller New firmware and connection app, fix the  analog stick problem

Now you can go to run the games like dead triggler and check.

I have tested on MT6589 quad core smartphone, and MT6592 octa core smartphone, the analog stock problem has gone.

I wait for your feedback.





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  1. Hello Eric,

    It works much better but still some problems. I think my issue is, I want to use gamepad mode to use the analog sticks for an emulator. The controller pairs in gamepad mode after the firmware update but the phone does not respond to any inputs. Also, I used app mode for the emulator too. It work very well for all buttons but the analog inputs does not work for two inputs (up right, up left, down left, or down right) but it does work for only one (up, down left, or right).

    -Not sure if this will help but I also have a Moga controller that works in Gamepad mode (or that’s the name). It works perfectly fine for analog input and buttons. I can point you in the direction of the apk that provides the drivers for the controller for Gamepad mode if that may help. Also, the phone I have is an HTC Sensation, if that important to know at all.

    Thanks for all your help again,


  2. Don’t know what happen, i install asphalts 8 in Tronsmart RK908 v4.2.2 it work great. but asphalts 8 install in samsung galaxy s2 v4.1.2 the G910 can’t even control the game no respond at all, Modern combat 4 also face the same problem.

    the only game that work with G910 on my samsung galaxy s2 is Riptide GP 2

  3. Eric, thanks for the update. The analogs work perfectly now! Just one little problem though;

    When you are holding down a button like A,B,X,Y and press the trigger, the controller stops responding to the button until you press it again

  4. This firmware definitely fix some issues, but one problem I noticed (which probably also exist in the previous firmware) is that the left analog stick also register digital directional keys. So when I push the stick to the right, it register left (as in left analog) and left arrow/dpad. It mess up some games (the one I tried with is Dead Trigger 2 and Beach Buggy Blitz).
    It’s probably so that the left analog stick can be used for games that don’t recognize the analog stick, but for the games that do recognize it, it caused problem. Can you make it optional? or remove the digital keys binding on the stick? or probably assign different digital keys to the stick (or better yet configure the keys manually like bluez ime)? it probably already there, but I can’t see it because the latest connection app is in Chinese.

  5. After testing it with gamepad test app from play store, I noticed 2 major problem with the latest firmware + connection app.
    Although the gamepad test app can’t recognize the analog input, it does recognize the digital input that mapped to the left analog stick. The problem is (beside the problem for games that do recognize the analog input) that when you push left, it will hold the left button even if you already centered/release the stick. So if you move the analog stick up down left right, it will be recognized as if you’re holding up the up down left right.

    The other problem is probably similar to what jar read had experienced. Basically you can only hold multiple button presses for a short period of time. If I hold the X + A button, after a couple of second one of the button will be released. More correctly, if I hold several buttons at the same time, it will release all the button except the last one that I press. If I hold X + A then I hold R1 (while X n A still being hold) after several second it will release the X n A buttons. The problem is that if a game requires you to hold multiple buttons for a period of time, then it will fail.

  6. Another problem, when I press volume up key on my phone, it opens a Mapping program that is in all chinese!!

  7. Avatar photo

    yes, i already know that, will ask them to release an english version, stay tuned.

  8. Eric, any news about the new version in english?

    Btw gamepad isn’t working on mtk6582, directions are ok but the buttons A,B,X,Y doesn”t.
    The new app is great, it’s like a keymapper when we press the volume button but we can’t use it in chinese.

  9. Avatar photo

    YOu mean the newest firmware don’t support MTK6582?

  10. The new firmware’s working well in app mode with my HTM H9001( MTK6582) but not in gamepad mode ( X+HOME).
    The directions are OK but the buttons aren’t working, it’s not the G910 cause he’s working in gamepad mode on my Galaxy S.

    So basically i need to use it in app mode, but i don’t understand OpenPad is in chinese.

  11. Hi Eric!

    Thank you for the post it seems helpfull!
    However i’m stuck at first stem 🙁
    After downloading and unpacking the firmware updater, i started the program by AnduoidUpdate.exe. The UI came up fine so far. But when i press “open file” button the UI gets frozen and windows reports it’s not responding and offers to close the program.
    I’m trying on windows 7 64bit. Could that be the problem?
    I also have a virus scanner installed.. maybe that can be the caues but after i turned it’s system deffense off, the problem remained.
    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. …i tried it on a different notebook with win 7, and it worked. So it seems that my windows is crappy.

  13. It seem like everytime firmware update for this controller is released, it break something else. Now the problem is that analog sticks are the same as the D-Pad.

  14. Avatar photo

    The factory already know the problem, and promise to fix it in the next release. let’s just wait.

  15. Avatar photo

    Will collect problem for this new firmware, and then ask factory to change, after that, will release an official english version.

  16. ust a bit more detail on simultaneous key press. Basically what happen is if I hold a key and I press another key (doesn’t need to hold, just press and release) then after a couple of seconds the key that I’ve been holding will be released even if I still pressing the button.
    For real life example, if in a racing game I need to hold the gas button for a long period of time then I press left/right, after a few second the gas button will automatically released and I’ll slow down, which could ruin a good run.

  17. I am sorry if I sound angry Eric, but I am just annoyed. I have ordered this controller since October 2013, and it has not worked how I expected it to. It is now January 2014 and the controller still is not working. I will patiently await for the controller to be fixed.

  18. why cant i download from bitgames.tv or bitgames emulator

  19. Avatar photo


  20. When i download certain game from play store they dont show up in my games in game center

  21. when can we expect a english version with the problems mentioned above
    (analog sticks + buttons) fixed? looking forward to it.

  22. Avatar photo

    should be after chinese new year.

  23. Hi Eric,
    At some point could you update the firmware so that the device pairs automatically with the S4 and the PC, when you turn the gamepad on. It works fine when you pair it but when you turn it off and then on again at some point it never automatically pairs unlike all the other bluetooth devices I have. It’s a great controller but if this issue is resolved it would be fantastic.

  24. when i try to up date firmware i have hold the start and the select botton togother but my computer cannot install the firmware and my gamepad had terned off . how can i terned on again??? pleas heip meeeee >>>

  25. hi Eric
    i have fixed my problem and update succesfull > thank you >

  26. The new firmware works better in minix neo x7 , I can finally play games , thank you.

  27. Can it be used to play with Pc Games? cause I set it up in the keyboard mode (A) but the PC didn’t recognize the bluetooth gamepad.

  28. How to connect 2 gamepad on one device????? Thanks

  29. Nick Jones says:
    January 27, 2014 at 8:16 pm
    when can we expect a english version with the problems mentioned above
    (analog sticks + buttons) fixed? looking forward to it.

    Eric says:
    January 28, 2014 at 3:02 pm
    should be after chinese new year.

    hey Eric its been chinese new year right?
    any news on expected updates?

  30. Avatar photo

    already talked with G910 software engineer, they are working on it, i don’t forget my promise, stan tuned 🙂

  31. Any news about it??

  32. Eric help can not install firmware G910 do everything according to the instructions and not to see kompyutor G910 vchem prechine tell me

  33. Hi Eric,
    I tried updating an ipega PG-9025 with the g910 firmware you provided, I confirm it works, although I lost L2 and of course the media buttons that are not present on g910…

    I wonder if it would be possible for you to rip the pg-9025 stock firmware so I can flash it back on my gamepad?


  34. I also tried updating an ipega PG-9025 with the g910 firmware and lost L2 y multimedia buttons. (The read in a forum of xda developers) 🙁

    As the previous commentary also I look for firmware original of the Ipega-9025, but not it encounter.

    Thanks and sorry but my english i write from Spain.

  35. Avatar photo

    There will be a new stock firmware for G910 release tomorrow, i will test and release.

  36. could to be compatible the new firmware with ipega-9025 and buttons multimedia and L2, please?


  37. Avatar photo

    I guess not, i have tried to contact ipega and ask them to offer the firmware for pg-9025, still no answer, ghost company. 🙁

  38. Eric, Very many thanks for firmware Ipega, if you come by Spain I invite you to a beer. 😉

  39. Avatar photo

    Sure:) you really need to buy me a beer, you don’t know how hard to get this firmware, ipega is a ghost company, i get this from my other friend 🙂

  40. A question, what program could open the file. Psp, editing buttons?
    because although the media and L2 buttons now work, the arrangement is different.

    Thanks Eric

  41. Hi Miguel,

    is your “volume down” button working? (it seems mine is not working after flashing… i will try again maybe..)

    for your button problem, I recommend you write a custom keylayout file… you need to be root and have write permission in /system/usr/keylayout

    make a backup copy of hid-keyboard.kl (copy elsewhere)
    now edit hid-keyboard.kl, scroll down until around key 300 you’ll see gamepad keys “BUTTON_A” “BUTTON_X” etc…

    basically all keys were swapped so I just changed them that way :

    look for BUTTON_A then you write BUTTON_X instead

    here are all replacements I made:

    old value => new value

    BUTTON_L1 leave untouched (it was the only one that was good lol)

    (NOTE: in case you don’t have the same replacements to make, here is how I found them : I used an app called “gamepad test” that displayed on screen which button was pressed… there I noticed that when I pressed X on the gamepad, A was glowing on screen, when I pressed Y, X was glowing on screen, and so on…)

    Once you’re done, save the file, reboot your phone then test again with gamepad test app to verify everything is ok now 🙂

    don’t hesitate to reply if you have trouble.

  42. Hi Eric, is the new firmware for the g910 going to be compatible with the MTK octa core smart phones. I have the Jiake V8 and hope that my g910 will finally work with it. Looking forward to your test results.

    Thanks from Rory G.

  43. This is a better solution and it is also valid for all phones without changing anything. Copy the file I uploaded to this link on MEGA inside the folder / system / usr / keylayout with Root Explorer (mount the folder as m / rw, but not let you paste) and so will be with the original configuration and will not have to modify keyboard settings android serial (hid-keyboard.kl). Everything works to perfection and in place (tested by me) even the multimedia buttons.

    Link to download the module. Kl


    I have a Galaxy SII and works perfectly.

    Now playing GTA San Andreas 😉

  44. weird… it doesn’t work for me… vendor and product id are 00000 on my ipega for some reason, I thought it was due to the flash (this is why I modded the hid-keyboard file, since it was the one picked up by android when pairing my controller…)

    anyway, glad it works for you 🙂 enjoy games!

  45. Eric says:
    March 31, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    There will be a new stock firmware for G910 release tomorrow, i will test and release.

    oh eric you keep teasing us.

  46. Avatar photo

    Sorry dude, i test the new firmware, find it can’t work with the mtk6592 octa core device, so i delay to releaes the new firmware, and ask factory to make the fix.

  47. well at least you reply fast :), does it work on snapdragon phones?
    I have a HTC One, and would still like to try it.
    if its stable I can also test and report for you 🙂

  48. Avatar photo

    ok, i will upload the firmware and apk for you test. wait.

  49. Eric new connection app will be on english?

  50. tested it work on S2 4.1.2

  51. Ok…new openpad…but whew the new firmware??? I need it to test…I have 6589..

  52. Gamepad does not work in the new application, but it works in games.

  53. Hi,
    I try to make this gamepads work on Win 7 but it’s impossible.
    As i connect them through A mode, there are not recognized as gamepads but keyboard. With X mode, nothing happen.
    A solution?

  54. Avatar photo

    how you test this? and what is your device?

  55. Avatar photo

    try to use it on the old firmware, and report back.

  56. I have tested it on pipo m8 pro and it works great, it automatically reconnect, and all the buttons work

    I also tested it on the star one s5, and it does not work properly, when you move in a game and presse the X Y B or A the movement stop and you have to release the analog stick and presse it again to move again

  57. Sorry. It finally works on Win 7. I try this with Grid 2.
    But the “Game controller properties” in the OS don’t show the analogic stick and no one of the button seems to responding. However, it works in games.

  58. what games from google play are compatible with G910?

  59. hey eric I tested the new firmware on a htc one (the beta unofficial one not for mtk)
    now it works with all my native android games through the conection app all the previous problems have been solved tested with:
    Asphalt 8
    blitz brigade
    Shadowgun deadzone
    GT-Racing 2

    only now there are sometimes random start presses in GT-Racing 2
    and sometimes the touch buttons flash on screen in GTA SA.
    don’t know if this is due to the game or the firmware.

  60. G910 stopped working on my smartphone, after updating to Android 4.4 KitKat. Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 4 – doesen’t see my gamepad 🙁
    In menu all works, but not in games

  61. Please Eric,
    can you send me the new beta firmware?

  62. Hi Erik,
    I’m trying to connect g910 with Sunvell V3II. It connecting, but after 1 sec. disconnecting. I installed your app, it tries to connect, then disconnected, disconnected, disconnected… Any idea?
    Thanks for your time!!!

  63. I am seriously angry now Eric. I have ordered this controller since October 2013, and now it is May 2014. This controller has not worked as I expected it to since the day I purchased it. I demand a refund or the release of a firmware that works properly!!

  64. hi jar, since I using this firmware, my gamepad work properly, maybe u should flash your gamepad using this firmware

  65. Hello Eric,
    I just buyed my second G910 gamepad to play multiplayer games with my firiends. I was reasonly happy with the first one and read in your comments that it is also is possible to connect and use 2 g910 gamepads at the same ime n Y-mode. However, here is my problem. When i pair the 2 gamepads in the bitgames game center I can’t map different keys in the bitgames ime settings. Keys are mirrored onto the second one! This option is not available in the settings to keymap the gamepad in BITGAMES.IME or GAMEPAD ALLIANCE CONTROLLER IME. Yes I am using the old gamecenter because the new openpad app above on this thread is not working. It is not recognizing my game pad in the IME settings. I was looking into Tincore keymapper to map the keys but this is not very stable on my T-R42 android tv box (which I also buy on Geekbuying!) an gamekeyboard.apk, this only supports 1 gamepad to key map. Please tell me how I can use 2 gamepad at the same time and remap the keys to my liking. I need this solution! thnx

  66. Finally got it working, had problems likely because of the numerous older programs they had us download beforehand. Deleting everything including the old launcher program then installing just the two new apks worked for me. Running an MT6577 with kit kat 4.4

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    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, great blog!

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  70. Thank you for your advice. This is our contact page: http://www.geekbuying.com/help/about/address/

  71. Thank you for your support.

  72. Thank you.

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  82. Just bought two G910 … But can’t pair the gamepads in the same time on Minix Neo X8-H! Any ideas?

  83. The PC USB drivers above doesn’t seem to work, I tried it on win7 64b and win8 64b both PC cannot recognise this file, can someone help?

  84. Hendra Pradana

    hi Eric, I have some problem when using this gamepad on MTK devices that some bug on Muffin Knight that can’t use the analog and jump together while on the GT Racing 2 random pres on start button is annoying, can you provide fix firmware for this gamepad? I’m looking forward for your response

  85. Hi Eric, do you have latest update to share ?

  86. Hi Eric, just bought G910 for modern combat 5 but, there are many problems with it: R2(fire) doesnt work smooth it stop shooting when i move and view by analogs same with L2, also doesnt work crouch (press on right analog), everything was good before with standart usb game pad (speedlink xeox pro) what could be wrong? device xiaomi mi3 kitkat 4.4.4

  87. which model you are using?

  88. G910 in gamepad mode (X+home)

  89. Hi, Eric. Can you please tell how to edit these PSP files for remapping? I’ve been trying to do this for months…. But I can’t open the .psp file. Please tell the community how to open and edit psp files! Please… Thank you!!

  90. Hello, I bought the G910 along with a Mini Neo X8-H but I just won’t work even after I’ve updated the firmware. Won’t Pair by BT and although the OpenPad app can detect the pad, it won’t pair either. Has anyone else experienced issues with this combination? Can you assist?

  91. Hi Eric,

    The gamepad works nicely in HID-mode (X+home) on android.

    HOWEVER when you click on the thumbsticks (R3 & L3) the gamepad sends the instruction “key 306” and “key 309” (respectively BUTTON_C and BUTTON_Z) which makes them useless for 99% of games!

    The correct instructions should be “key 317” and “key 318” (BUTTON_THUMBL and BUTTON_THUMBR).

    Would you please ask the factory to modify this in a future firmware update? It would make the gamepad perfect!


  92. Hello after last update to asphalt 8 the gamepad dont work!!The game nows i have the gamepd but any buttons dont work!!Any solutions?I use home button with Y button!

  93. Hi
    I’ve same issue. Actually my 2 G910 have same MAC address so they are seen as only one by Minix
    But I did not find any solution on how to change the Bluettooth MAC address so far…..

  94. Ionut Chiritescu

    Hello new update for g910?Asphalt 8 dosent work anymore!!

  95. good evening

    I did all the above procedures but still does not work, she pareia with bluetooth, but not working. What can it be?

  96. GeekBuyingBlog

    Please enter the game center ,where there is a Bluetooth pairing option, it will work only if the Bluetooth has paired successfully.

  97. how to edit the controls on iPega PG9025 i downloaded a firmware last time it seems the multimedia key doesnt work and my L2 works as R1 please mail me @ jethro.viloria@gmail.com