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The Latest Upgrade Version Stock12.28 Firmware for W450 MTK6582 Quad Core Smart Phone

Good news ! W450 has the latest upgrade version stock12.28 firmware,

Upgrade file and upgrade tool download link   :w450 Upgrade documents and tools

This upgrade can solve the following problems:

1.wifi and Bluetooth can not be connected

2.Power consumption display 17% to 0 after 5 minutes. Charging the phone one night, the phone battery display 97%, after using the phone for 1.5 hours battery drops to 0.

3.When to start using the phone, wifi slow, phone card screen appears later use.

4.Without these APP: Play store, GMAIL, Google Map, etc.

5.The camera does not take pictures, the screen is white, display DOA.

6.Phone always automatically boot.

7.Phone’s battery level indicator is not correct.


First,open the flash toolThe Latest Upgrade Version Stock12.28 Firmware for W450 MTK6582 Quad Core Smart Phone.

Secondly,follow the steps showing on the picture.The Latest Upgrade Version Stock12.28 Firmware for W450 MTK6582 Quad Core Smart Phone

1.choose the two files in the flash tool package.

2.choose the file in the firmware package.


4.Click “Start all”.

5.Turn off your phone and connect it with PC, wait until you see the Grey Bar 100%.

Finally, you have reflashed your phone.




  1. Is it a rooted ROM? Will any of the provided root tools work with this ROM?

  2. It is not a rooted ROM, but it can be also rooted easily using Vroot method(

    It works fine on W450. It has some modifications however related to firmware from november – for example wheater widget added. Baseband version is newer – P7, 2013/12/09 11:42. Same kernel and build number.

    Pony, can I ask you from where do you have this ROM ? You say it is stock, but it has a boot logo and animation from URiver (I don’t know what this is) …

  3. New method for rooting this device, full in English, even the app installed in the phone.

    My W450 was flashed and rooted with RootGenius (in English with Kinguser built-in).

  4. yes this rom fixed the touch screen bug

  5. Our pleasure. ^^

  6. could you pls try another USB cable or another USB port of your PC

  7. I am using this new ROM and I can tell this:
    1. Screen freezes. You can press power button but touchscreen doesn’t work when this happens so you have to take out the battery (manual restart).
    2. Battery jump from 15% to 5% is solved.
    3. The IMEI numbers got replaced by numbers not admitted so I had to manually use the MTK Engineer APK to manually set the proper IMEI numbers.

    Number 1 is the reason I will flash the original ROM. I’t not tolerable.

  8. The ROM posted before it’s ok except bfor the battery problem. I guess the rom posted before this would be perfect if it hasn’t the battery drop from 17% to 3% problem. Tell the providers to fix it please.

  9. i been make root but…i want to unlock for orange or cosmote …im from romania and my star w450 working only for vodafone…and i need for orange or cosmote,can you help me?

  10. its a mtk android phone

  11. this ROM is good for HDC N9000 pls, I have problems with drain battery, and what ROM is pls, mine is android 4.4, thank you

  12. Can i use it to install a custom ROM?