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How to upgrade firmware for Tronsmart T1000 manually?

Hi guys:

This is the instruction for how to upgrade firmware for Tronsmart T1000 manually?

Please note, usually we don’t need to use upgrade firmware manually, because this little device support OTA upgrade, tronsmart will push the newest firmware to your device via OTA technology. This instruction is just used when you can’t get upgrade from OTA, and we also release this upgrade method and firmware to the developers, and hope we can see some custom roms or new features coming. ok here we go.

You can download the firmware here:

(this is the 11164 version, also the lastest version, but maybe some days later, it won’t be the newest version, because tronsmart will push new update 🙂

here is the upgrade tools:

Both files are in zip formate, you should decompress the download file to use.

Upgrade instructions:

Step 1: You should prepare your Tronsmart T1000 and one micro usb cable,( the one you always used to charge your smartphone,please don’t use the usb cable included in the package), and you also need tweezers(or thumb pin)

Step 2 Open the case of Tronsmart T1000.

Step 3:Short Flash Pin

One hand shorts the pin 5 and pin 6 as shown on the picture below

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Then another hand puts the usb plug into the PC.

Step 4:

The computer will popup message window and ask
you to install driver for Actions USB Device.
Notice:there’s no need to short pins any more if you get this message.

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Choose “install from a list of specific locations” and then you get this menu:

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Now you should click Browser button,and go to find the usb drivers, the drivers is in the download file, after you download the upgradetool file, decompress it, and you will find a floder called “adfu_driver” , choose this folder, and then click Next.

If you met the following menu, just click” continue anyway”

Step 5: After you successfully install the drivers, you  can go to flash the firmware,

Go to the “upgradetool” folder, and run will see this

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Click the “Firmware” button and select firmware file you just downloaded ( the firmware should be in .bin formate). After load the firmware, click Download and wait for the
process to complete.

How to upgrade firmware for Tronsmart T1000 manually?

If you see this text, it means you have flashed successfully.

How to upgrade firmware for Tronsmart T1000 manually?



Any questions, feel free to contact us.









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  1. The update is not possible, I get this failure:

    2013-12-31 12:50:09
    connect 1 device
    Error:Dev1 get FlashType error
    succeed 0 device,error 1 device
    2013-12-31 12:50:09

    How can I fix this?
    Thanks for help!

  2. Avatar photo

    ?It’s strange, we have tried with this method, and it can work, have you installed the driver correctly

  3. I reinstalled the driver again. After finishing the system says: a digital sign driver is necessary (BulkUsb Driver Windows (R) Win 7 DDK provider)

  4. Works fine now, thanks anyways. Happy new year!

  5. Hi..
    my device stayed frozen.
    anyone know how to reset the computer or something.
    when turned on, and the ssid is not displayed.


  6. I keep getting the “Error:Dev1 get FlashType error” error. Windows notes the driver is the correct one to use. Please post exact link to latest driver / upgradetools and how to identify which AM8251, boot, and other settings to use.

  7. Avatar photo

    are you using windows xp or windows 7, 32bit or64bit?

  8. Windows 7 32-bit

  9. I finally manually flashed the latest build and wifi is back and working. Very strange the over the air update did not work for me.

  10. There is a readme.txt document in adfu_driver folder. It seems to have two questions and some HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE info. However in any program I open this, it has text characters like this “Q1: ÈçºÎ½â¾öÇý¶¯°²×°ºóÌáʾ·þÎñÃû´íÎó£¿
    A1: ½â¾ö·½·¨£º
    1. ɾ³ýC:\windows\inf\oem*.inf ÏàÓ¦µÄÇý¶¯ÐÅÏ¢Îļþ¡£¿É²ÉÓòéÕÒÎļþÄÚÈÝ(“vid_1de1&pid_1205″)·½Ê½ÕÒµ½¸ÃÎļþ¡£”. Does a readable file exist with information on how to fix the Dev1 get FlashType error?

  11. Also in screen shot update tool version is v1.15 but all links I can find only have v1.14. Could that be the problem?

  12. Help please

    I have the Tronsmart T1000 and have tried to use it on my Venue 8 with Windows 8.1. I run downloaded software to use it and it does a number of things –
    – It uses my LAN port when I select the Tronsmart dongle which it detects
    – It silences the sound system on the computer
    – When I select mirror on it shows on the screen using my LAN channel and so I am unable to use the internet
    – I can use my Word but the curser is very jerky

    I have no idea how to fix this – I have tried to follow your instructions but stopped short of opening the dongle an doing any damage. You also said to use a different cable. I have one but need some reassurance.
    I have downloaded the BIOS and other software but it makes no difference.

    Do I go on – HELP Please

    Regards Paul