[ROM Download] Stock Firmware for Tronsmart MK908II Quad Core TV Stick, add TV Launcher
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[ROM Download] Stock Firmware for Tronsmart MK908II Quad Core TV Stick, add TV Launcher

Tronsmart just release a new firmware update for their MK908II Model.

Tronsmart MK908II is the upgrade version of Tronsmart MK908, it built in external WIFI antenna. come with Android 4.2 OS, built in bluetooth.

This new stock firmware added the TV Launcher, and added the newest patches from Rockchip. improve the video play function.

Here is the firmware download link:


screenshot for the new TV Launcher

[ROM Download] Stock Firmware for Tronsmart MK908II Quad Core TV Stick, add TV Launcher

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  1. Great update!! Only suggestion is getting rid of that awful looking cursor in next update.

  2. I have just got one of these ordered from you yesterday, a tutorial on how to upgrade the frimware will be nice. I bought this from amazon sold by geekbuying , can i assume mine came rooted.

  3. How to install it?

  4. works fine!!


    Firmware upgrade tools:


    The flash method should be the same as tronsmart mk908, see here:


  5. Is this a 720p or a 1080p rom?

  6. Hi eric, is the new stock rom pre rooted? does it have supersu and busybox installed already? or do i have to manually install it? still waiting for my device to arrive, just wanna be ready when i receive it…

  7. Avatar photo

    this rom has been rooted, but no supersu and busybox installed.

  8. Thanks for the answer about 720p, finless might also have something going on based on this.

    Anyone know what the big difference in this rom, it is better video support?

    Owner of 908II, what do you think about the product?
    Someone who is happy with xbmc?

  9. Do you have 1080P rom to share ?

  10. Anyone know if the bt wlan coexistens problem has been solved. A dealbraker for me.
    You cant use wireless mouse keyboard at the same time as using wifi

  11. No problem for me (wlan and mouse same time) 908II

  12. Update tips for MK908II. (Not Mk 908)

    Fb page

  13. I can’t flash out of this rom… Can’t get the finless or other flash utilities to recognize the device anymore. With either manually entering flash mode or anything. Can’t get the drivers to install correctly. When i plug in the device in manual mode i get: “USB device not recognized” and manually installing the drivers gives an error. The device is recognized as “Unknown Device” and will not accept any new drivers. I’ve tried on win7 x64 and on a second machine win7 x86.

    I got the drivers and everything working before to flash this rom, but can’t get it to work again and i think it’s caused by this rom.

    Any ideas on how to get past this would be greatly appreciated. As for me i’m getting choppy playback in plex with this rom. Not to mention the TV launcher is not for me.

  14. nevermind… got it working. for some reason i needed to use a different usb cable than i was used… DOH!

  15. Is it possible to add widgets or more home screens ?
    How can I get rid of the tv launcher ?
    Is still netflix without the HQ?


  16. Hi!

    How to change TV Launcher to Chinese

  17. My question is the same question as Mario. I can’t find, how can i customize, the home screen, add more home screens, and widgets.