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[ROM Download] New Stock Firmware for Original MK808B dual core tv sticks

NOTICE: We just updated the firmware, please try again. update on 19th Nov.

Yesterday, we upload the new stock rom for original MK808, today we will share the newest stock rom for Original MK808B. it must be a surprise for you guys when such a “old “products still get update, lol. This is Geekbuying, If we can, we will always push factory to release new update 🙂

So here we go, firmware download link is here



1 Add TV Launcher;

2 Add support for special game controller and touch air mouse( the mk808 factory make those controller and air mouse, we will list in our site soon)

TV Launcher screenshot:

[ROM Download] New Stock Firmware for Original MK808B dual core tv sticks

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  1. Thanks GB team!

  2. Good news!!! But wifi don’t work!!!

  3. Bluetooth too!!! I have an original mk808b!!!

  4. yes, i can confirm that wifi does NOT work, i did not test bluetooth.
    hope you can fix this soon, because it does have a good look 🙂

  5. Same for me, neither wifi nor bluetooth work on original chipset.

  6. Avatar photo

    have known the problem, and will ask factory to release the new update asap. sorry for the problem caused.

  7. Same problem here!, no wifi, no bluetooth

  8. Avatar photo

    Just updated, please check with the new firmware!

  9. Avatar photo

    Just updated, please try the new firmware again. thanks

  10. The ROM is working fine, both BT and WIFI. But is there any way to stop the TV Launcher? I don’t like it.

  11. Hi
    how can use this firmware, please help me.
    Thanks a lot

  12. Please add Rockchip HDMI Passthrogh to this firmware.

  13. How can be disabled the TV Launcher ?

  14. HDMI Passthrogh not working , still stereo

  15. Hello, I have a MK808B, and even after the Nov 19 update, Bluetooth does not work. Wifi seems ok, but as for bluetooth, I cannot even switch it on in the Settings !!! Please help, without bluetooth to link with my wireless keyboard this dongle is pretty useless to me. Bluetooth IS the reason I bought the MK808B in the first place.

  16. Avatar photo

    do you flash this one:

    at first, the factory give us wrong firmware, it make the bluetooth no working, and we fix the problem with the new firmware download link, please check again.

  17. is this rom rooted?

  18. Hi Eric,

    Yes, that is the download link I used, which is also the one on the top of this page… Am I the only one still stuck with Wifi but without Bluetooth ????

  19. Avatar photo

    No,it don’t come with rooted.

  20. Hi everyone, I have tried some 4.2 firmwear but they always have problems.
    Now, I use this firmwear, this is 4.1 from Rusia but it has been cooked as 4.2 fw (hide bottom bar and turn off). This one is the best fw I have used.
    After flashing U can change Language which you want (enter setup and click A simbole)
    Good luck, if someone has new cooked FW of 4.2 please share for us! thx!

  21. Quick update : bluetooth now works, with the firmware available for download here !!

    The problem comes from an incompatibility between Android Settings and “Rockchip Settings” !!!! I had to go to the Rockchip settings to activate the bluetooth, and I could turn it on in the Android Settings !!! I hope I make myself clear….
    In the Rockchip settings, turning BT on was messy, because it kept switching itself OFF automatically… I had to exit the Rockchip Setting quickly before it would switch BT off again, et voilà !!!!

  22. Hi Support

    Do you have windows 8.1 driver for rockchip for my MK808B dual core tv sticks

  23. Desmond,

    I had the same problem, but you can still install the Windows 7 driver if you disable driver signature enforcement.

    Follow this guide:

    And you should be able to install the older driver no problem!

  24. +1 I need the windows 8.1 driver as well.

  25. Avatar photo

    ROCKCHIP hasn’t released the drivers for WINDOWS 8.1, but we have written an instruction here:

    hope it help.

  26. How can I disable the TV Launcher? Is there a way to get the ‘standard’ screen with the customized icons as set-up by the user??

  27. Thanks GB !

  28. It seem to be that FW 4.2.2 support miracast.anyone has use this function? Please guide me. Thanks!

  29. ANYONE capable of switching-off the TV Launcher???
    In addition, I cannot select the slide show from my SD card, neither the music with the media player present on the start-up screen…..

  30. Does this version work with older TVs? Past Android 4.2 builds didn’t work because it wasn’t compatible with older HDMI connection.

  31. install the launcher you want and enjoy it!

    eric nice firmware now!

  32. no one seem to want to answer how to disable the tv launcher on this new release 4.2.2. and if anyone noticed that Plex has issue in the video decoding on ll version of 4.2.2.. that’s similar to Netflix issue. the finless 1.7 build on 4.1.1 run smooth.

  33. I flashed Finless 1.7 ROM in my mk808B which is working fine but I am not able to connect 3G internet dongle which was possible for original stock ROM. Also I do not find the option for turning on the DLNA function.
    Will this new ROM will allow to connect 3G USB dongle internet and also have the DLNA activation option? If any one can tell me.

  34. Avatar photo

    YES, the stock rom support the function you require.

  35. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for prompt reply. I meant to say whether this ROM on 4.2.2 platform will support 3G USB Dongle internet and DLNA. Also kindly let me know if this will support my 720P LCD TV.
    Thanks again.

  36. Dear Eric,

    I am unable to extract the downloaded .rar file since winzip is unable to unzip. Can we gat the same in .zip format.


  37. Just tried it and latest Netflix seems to work fine. Looks like a solid stock build.

  38. When is the stock rom going to support real 1080p like Finless 2.1?

  39. Hello. Just updated my mk808b. Every thing works. There was a casualty. Checking to see if I had an original or clone, I mess up my Bluetooth antenna. Is there a USB or dongle that I can adapt to it.

  40. I have 5 of the original MK808B units. I want to update them so they will have the Power Off button. The links provided for the USB driver and the Firmware Flash Tool is protected and I can not download them. Please I need links where I can download everything required and complete detailed instructions of how to do this. I don’t think it smart to stick metal in the hole on the device. Please help.

  41. Have a question. How to add widget on this firmware ??

  42. Hi, could you please provide a standalone TV launcher for those who don’t want to flash their dongle ?

    Thanks a lot !

  43. Great! Thanks a lot!

  44. I cant move apps around, cant install any widgets. And how do you turn of the dam tv launcher ???? Help plzzzz

  45. Flashed this ROM and XBMC HD playback is smooth with about 70fps. Couldnt test HDMI passthrough as I dont have an HDMI receiver although I do see the setting in sounds and enabled it.

    Got rid of this un-customizable launcher. Installed an old tv launcher from minix forums.

  46. Hi,

    To people who tried this rom : is it better than Finless 1.7 ?
    Is it worth installing it ?

    Does XBMC run properly HD videos ?

    Thank you !

  47. Havent run any scores. My main purpose was XBMC. So installed 2/19 H/W accelarated version and found no difference between this and minix 2.2.4, HD was smooth, but I ran it only for 30 mins, havent tried it in long run, but plan to do it, once I get this HDMI receiver shipped to me in a couple of days, plan to test the HDMI passthrough which is the main reason why I flashed this. I believe minix 2.2.4 is more or less same as Finless 1.7.

  48. @Krishna: you have been able to get rid of the TV Launcher. Can you pls. tell me HOW you managed to achieve it?????
    I prefer the ‘standard’ desktop with the icons and widgets that I want to use, nothing more.
    Thanks in advance!

  49. i got to say that firmware is really good , bit i have some artefacts when i play videos
    Is there to not have this ?

  50. @Krishna: OK Thank you 🙂

  51. To change launcher, just download any launcher apk and open/install it.

  52. Has anybody managed to get HDMI audio passthrough working?? If I select the option ‘ROCKCHIP HDMI 5POINT1 MULTICHANNEL’ under sound output devices, I still only get PCM stereo on my amplifier. I have tried MX player with custom codec and BS Player but to no avail. Anybody help??

  53. Netflix is working?

  54. Does this ROM support 1080p or do i need to do something else to get 1080p support?

  55. This ROM support 1080p.
    To switch to be installed “android terminal” and type in it:
    am display-size 1080×1920
    or type in “adb shell”.

  56. Is this ver is Jelly Bean 4.2.2?


  57. I figured it out on making 1080p forever on mk808b, we just need to use “su” command first and then “am display-size 1080×1920”

  58. Dude I have this same model and am MK808b with two small problems.

    1 – When I use the USB / BT Joystick Center app it crashes and restarts.

    NOTE – I use a control of the PlayStation 2 with Usb Adapter.

    2 – When I use the mouse function RKRemoteControl the application it also freezes and restarts.

    OBS – Functions Remote Control and keyboard work normal.

    Link to this video demo of the app (Android v4.1.1 MK808B Smart Tv Control by phone)

    Link to this site that tells the app (

    how do I solve these problems

    Dude really want to play Dead Trigger! Thanks in advance!

  59. Hello, can you help me? I just bought Mini PC android MK808B and tested and is only restarting and locking. And how do I fix the android mini pc? PS: MINI PC ANDROID MK808B – RK3066 Dual Core 1.6G CPU (Cortex-A9) – 1GB DDR3 RAM – ROM ON BOARD NAND FLASH 8GB – Model number: MK808b – Android version 4.2.2 – Kernel version: 3.0.36+ – Ihh_V_404j2 # 75 – Friday March 7 2014 Thanks

  60. are you getting the mk808b from us? i know there are a lot of copied mk808b in the market, the use different hardware, so flash our firmware will brick the device.

  61. Bugs Detected the date and time remains at 1970 ,the tv launcher uses a lot of cpu and there is no way to turn off the tv launcher,You cannot put widjets/analog clock least it should have drivers for rtl 8188cu external usb wifi since the internal has a range of a couple of meters.

  62. For anyone looking for how to root this device.

    It seems that the TPSarky-VonDroid method still works on this device.

    you can find the file here: