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[ROM DOWNLOAD] New Stock Firmware for CX-919

HI guys:

Here is the newest stock firmware for CX-919,it should work with Tronsmart CX-919.

firmware download link

It has added new patches from rockchip, improve the video play, and other functions.

How to flash? click this link:


If you have problem when install the drivers, check here




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  1. Nice to see they are still improving the firmware!Excellent job and thanks for sharing.

    Let’s hope Android 4.4 will arrive soon 🙂

  2. Has anyone tried this on the Tronsmart CX919 yet? I’m currently using Finless 1.6 and I’m not sure if it’s worth flashing. Hopefully the improvements will be included in the new Finless ROM.

  3. Just tried this new Rom. Finless 1.6 is better. This rom won’t let you install apps like MLB, and thousands more. Finless spoofs a specific device so Google Play will let you install these apps. This rom is clocked at 1.81ghz according to CPU-Z

  4. Thought so. No reason to change when Finless is running well enough. Thanks.

  5. I can not get it to flash.
    I use Rkbatchtool v1.7 and driver version 3.07.

    My cx-919 not determined windows 7 and 8, as defined in the windows.

    Rkbatchtool within my cx-919 with the parameter SUPPORTLOWUSB = TRUE.

    log firmware upgrade is:

    10:46:07 203 Rockchip Batch Tool v1.6.8.1 start run
    10:46:14 031 **********Restore Start Total**********
    10:46:14 031 Test Device Start
    10:46:14 046 Test Device Success
    10:46:14 046 Lowerformat Device Start
    10:46:27 046 Lowerformat Device Success
    10:46:27 046 Test Device Start
    10:46:27 046 Test Device Success
    10:46:27 046 Check Chip Start
    10:46:27 062 Check Chip Success
    10:46:27 062 Get FlashInfo Start
    10:46:27 062 INFO:FlashInfo: 0 0 0 1 0 20 20 28 1F 2 1
    10:46:27 062 Get FlashInfo Success
    10:46:27 062 Prepare IDB Start
    10:46:27 062 INFO:CS(1) (8192MB) (HYNIX)
    10:46:27 140 Prepare IDB Success
    10:46:27 140 Download IDB Start
    10:46:29 687 Download IDB Success
    10:46:29 687 Reset Device Start
    10:46:31 187 Reset Device Success
    10:46:31 187 Wait For Loader Start
    10:46:32 203 Wait For Loader Success
    10:46:32 203 Test Device Start
    10:46:32 203 Error:RKU_Write–>WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=31,size=31,write=0
    10:46:32 406 Error:RKU_ClearBuffer–>ReadFile failed,bRet=0,err=31,size=512,read=0
    10:46:32 406 ERROR:TestDevice–>RKU_TestDeviceReady failed,RetCode(-3)
    10:46:32 406 Test Device Fail
    10:46:32 406 **********Restore Done Success Fail Timems**********

    Please tell me what to do.

  6. If this is the offciial update, why is it not sreamed through internet.

    I thought this was the whole idea with this sticks.

    My CX919 is from June has Android 4.2.2 and works wel.

    Only hardware acceleration stops within 2 minutes, but soft acceleration works fine. cannot see any difference..

    Keep up thye good work,

    Bye bye,
    Thijs, (from Holland)

  7. Does this newest rom include 1080p support as did the previous one?

  8. Claus Lehmann Munch

    I’m getting extremely poor performance with this firmware.. Flickering screen and 1mbit wifi down speed (16 mbit up)..