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G910 Bluetooth Game Controller firmware upgrade stuck in 01% Solution is here!

Hi Guys:

Recently, we put the new firmware for the G910 Game controller, but some customers met the problem when they do the upgrade, stuck at 1%.

We finally find the problem, It is caused by the usb driver missing.

Here is the USB Drivers you need:

download this file, and decompress it.

and then, Press “Select” and ” Start” button together on your G910, and connect the G910 with your PC via USB Cable.

Now the PC will inform you new device deteced, if not, you can go to “device Mangement” and find the unknow device called” WT6573″, click reinstall the driver, and choose the file you just download.Then the drivers will be installed, and now open the update tools, and do the upgrade.

Any other questions, feel free to contact us.




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  1. Thank you.

    Any idea when the MTK version will be released?

    As I’m going to buy the HTM H100 and this would be excellent.


  2. HI!
    Have you got a software for Window 32x (32bit) because I use win 7 32 bit and this isn’t work. Ty!

  3. My G910 is not detected by my windows 7 64 bit pc when i connect it with the usb cable. I have tried pressing the start and select button at the same time but nothing happens.

  4. Old GameCenter app finds G910 (on MK908) but when you Bind it no button function..

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    I use the same window 7 64 bit OS, and my computer can find the G910 after i press the start and select button. you should press those two button first, and then connect with your PC. try again.

  6. I forst press the Home button.. then press start and select, but the device still isn’t detected by windows.
    It doesn’t detect the USB device at all.
    Other devices on USB are working fine….

    I have also tried doing it without pressing the homebutton but that isn’t working either. 🙁

  7. The problem persist, tried to install proposed driver for G910 on my Windows7 (32bit) – after starting .exe file, just small black screen appears for a second and nothing more. Installed flushing software, pressed Start and Select, connected USB -nothing… tried Home, then Start and Select – same, nothing… tried flushing, it stuck without indicating any process… tried newest game center, it does not detect the game pad… and android itself detects the game pad, you can see it number, but no game functioning… can not use it with mk908 with a custom ROM… very upset about this purchase of G910 ;((

  8. And I am not a new in computer hardware, flushed phones, and different devices before many times…

  9. I tried the same, installing the driver (64) but no luck there either.
    So far i can only “see” it in windows as a bluetooth device… but USB doesn’t seem to work.

    But something changed… The first three lights are now blinking at a slower speed then before. I have charged the unit for 12 hours so that can not be the problem.

    Please help!

  10. Tincore Keymapper, looks like this one helpfull

  11. I have the very same problem Andrew has. There’s no way to make my windows7 recognize the gamepad. I’ve tried it on two different computers with the same result…It doesn’t detect it no matter what buttons you push.

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    have you checked in device manager? and find the unknow device?

  13. Y es, I have checked in device manager… and no… there is not any unknown device…it is not even detected

  14. I am having similar problems to Andrew. The firmware update procedure seemed to brick my device and it will no longer turn on at all. I have no lights at all now, even when charging..Cant get the computer to detect it when plugging in with select/start.

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    You also stuck at 1%? i try on windows 7 64bit PC again,and flash without problem. You should open the flash tool, load the firmware, and then press the home and select button on your G910, then connect your G910 with your PC, now your PC should detect new device, and you just follow the instruction to install the firmware. i also tried on windows XP pc, it even don’t ask me to install the driver, and it can flash successfully.

  16. For the people that are having problems. I recommend that you install the driver directly from the device manager. (Update driver and select from your hard drive).

    For the installer I needed to extract the .exe from the installer (you can use 7zip for that). The installer didnt work for me so I had to do that.

  17. The new firmware actually solves problems , like shooting in madfinger games like shadowgun and dead trigger.
    In app mode games recognize the gamepad as moga which is really good, for example NFS Most Wanted which supports moga only, not regular HID mode which is X+Home.

    But, and this is a big but,
    There is a really bad bug with analog sticks while on app mode!
    It’s not possible to walk forward and diagonal line at same time!
    The movement just freeze.
    You can see the problem clearly with the onion app while the controller connected.
    It’s not happened while on HID X+Home mode, But not all games playable at this mode!
    Please tall to the manufacture to fix this problem soon!
    Please talk with the manufactur to fix this annoying problem

  18. Still nothing. No lights on the controller, No device shows up in device manager. Update button is greyed out in the firmware updater.

  19. windows 7 64 bit and I cannot install drivers also.

  20. are you running x86 or 64-bit ?

    cause when i tried to do it and install it on my own it said the ps3 was not fo 64-bit systems.

  21. Avatar photo

    My computer is windows 7 64 bit.

  22. In my tronsmart only paired whit game center . Cant play in another app. Like neo emu. Any solution ?

  23. Im trying on WIndows 7 64bit

  24. Hi,

    I installed all the required programs and got the controller to update to latest firmware(20131108_R75_KEJ_GP_A1). But when i try to add the controller to my controller it just stays in “In Match”. It does not connect at all to the game controller. I am able to connect the gamepad using normal method (thru settings). I have MK908 and gamepad.



  25. I figured it out for Win 7 64 Bit machines and not detecting.
    Here is what you do.

    Turn the controller off completely.
    Hold down start and select at the same time, and then plug the cable into the controller.
    It will attempt to install and say device unknown.
    Open Device manager and you will find the yellow icon highlighted.
    Manually install the driver by pointing it to the driver file from the download above.

    This is not the first or last problem we will ever have with a driver.
    I hate drivers, half the time they fail or you have to go around your elbow to get to your a$$ to make it work.

    Once I checked the noted above, I sort of figured out by myself and it was pretty painless from there.

    Good luck all ! !

  26. Yes, holding two buttons pressed during connection to computer did the trick. I was able finally update the firmware with Windows 7, 32. Thank you YouKnow

  27. I’m having similar problems with Andrew and Craig.. After several start + select, now the device have no lights at all and cannot be detected on my computer. And nothing happens when i press the factory default button on the back. Is it broken already? Is there anything that i can do to recover my gamepad? Please help to solve this problem..

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    have you checked if there is any unknow device in device manage? you should press the selet and start button together, and then connect with usb cable to PC.

  29. ok, now with no lights on the controller, i press start + select and then connect it with usb to my pc..
    fortunately, now in device manager there is unknown device Wt6573. Updated the driver with the G910 driver that i downloaded before, and it says.. :

    “Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device. Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. WT6573.
    The Third-party INF does not contain digital signature information.”

    Now what should i do? and still no lights on the controller, what happen to the lights?

  30. @balz : where did you find a reset button on your gamepad , i don’t see it on my two g910 ?
    is it possible to have the old firmware of this pad ?


  31. OK EVERYBODY! I just figured out how to update the drivers and get the latest firmware.

    My computer wasn’t even recognizing the device and I was ready to pull my hair out, every combination of start+select, pressing home button, no pressing home button, connecting USB before and after I’ve done all these steps. I feel bad for poor Eric, he seems like he’s really trying to help, but his English is a little lacking.

    1. Hold down Start+Select WHILE you are connecting the USB to your gamepad
    2. Go to Device Manager, go to “Other Devices” and you should see a new entry “WT6573”
    3. Right click it and select “update driver software”
    4. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”
    5. Point it to the root folder where you saved your G910 drivers
    6. Update Driver

    I had to go through an extra step because on Windows 8 computers, it gives you an INF error at Step 6. Something about driver signatures, and it wouldn’t let me do anything. Fortunately there’s a fix for that too, just follow the instructions in this video:

    That’s it. Now run the firmware update program, select the new firmware, and the “Update” button will no longer be greyed out, and since you got your computer to recognize the device and installed the drivers, the installer won’t hang at 01%

  32. hello, my controller does not respond firmware installed successfully, I detected on my smartphone I left joystick loaded at the same time, wanting to put it out by pressing the button I saw the 1st and 4th light fixed no reaction from the start + select lever does not work any reaction I’ll wait to see what this discharge. If you have a solution I’m interested. thank you

  33. @balz you should google for “how to install unsigned driver pc” for windows > 8 you need to open cmd.exe and press shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t 00 to open resolution center, than you need to open the advanced reboot and choose 7) disable driver signature enforcement

  34. thierry schweitzer


    I followed

    1. Hold down Start+Select WHILE you are connecting the USB to your gamepad
    2. Go to Device Manager, go to “Other Devices” and you should see a new entry “WT6573″
    3. Right click it and select “update driver software”
    4. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”
    5. Point it to the root folder where you saved your G910 drivers
    6. Update Driver

    All fine my computer win7-64 now recognize the gamepad

    BUT the process to flash the firmware get stuck at 95 % and I have an error message “FLASH WRITE FAILURE !!”
    Message from Anduoidpdate (which I believe is Androidupdate in bad English)

    I have 2 game pad and both are stuck the same way, and on 2 different computers, I am very desapointed with this

  35. Avatar photo

    Strange, we have successfully update the firmware on windows xp windows 7 32bit and 64bit pc, have you tried to check on an windows xp pc?

  36. Hey I just got a g910 Im using win 8 64bit, I installed driver and updated firmware, it works great on my tablet and phone. Windows on the other-hand detects it and I can calibrate and see the buttons light up in settings but it does not seem to work in any games. Anyone have any ideas?

  37. Hi Eric

    I tried the above link and downloaded the USB drivers, and it seems the ps3.inf file is not recognisable by windows, and I tried it on win 7/64b and win8.1/64b.
    Please help.

  38. I have carefully followed these instructions and every time I get as far as flashing the firmware (any firmware) the process gets to 95% and I get the error “FLASH WRITE FAILURE” any idea how I can fix this?

  39. same with me – gets to 76% then says write faliure and bricked the device

  40. Im having the same problem as peter. 76% write failure and the pad is bricked. ive read on the net that when the flash completes the device will unbrick . but i cant complete the flash. ive tried all drivers and all firmware versions available.

  41. Then the drivers will be installed, and now open the update tools, and do the upgrade.

    Any other questions, feel free to contact us.

  42. and then how can i do to turn on the lights cause i did all of the instruccions but i can’t turn on the leds and i can’t play in my phone