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HOW TO Reset Measy RC11 , Measy RC12 and Measy RC13+ Wireless Air Mouse?

Here is the instructions for how to reset the measy RC11 and RC12 air mouse, if your air mouse dont work,you can try the following method to reset them:

Method 1:

First, unplug the USB receiver.
Second, install batteries.
When the indicator light OFF, press up key and down key at the same time, do not loosen
Then press ENTER key
Then loose these three keys at the same time.
Then the indicator light will be blink
Then insert the USB receiver, wait 3-5 seconds,
When indicator light is OFF, reset completed

If Method 1 don’t work, then you can try the method 2:

First put the usb receiver on your PC’s USB port;
Second press the up key, down key and G key together, the indicator will light and then blink,after 3-5 seconds, the indicator will be off, and the reset completed.


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  1. Great!!! Thanks

  2. Q. I have problem my Measy RC.12( Air Mouse) don’t working, when I install
    batteries in to the unit, the batteries become warm then hot, It brand new unit,
    what can I do ? thank you very much

  3. Hello Peter, I have the same problem ? Did you solve it ? if yes, please let me know how you did it …. my email ID

    Thank you so much

  4. My RC12 control is constantly stuck on 4 blue lights, rapidly flickering. I have removed the batteries, removed the USB receiver, followed your reset guidelines, but cannot get rid of the rapid flickering blue lights?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.