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CWM Recovery for iMito QX1 quad core tv sticks is coming!

First, this cwm receovery is not made by us, it is by our friends in freaktab, they helped to make the cwm receovery file. so here we go:

What is cwm recovery?

Is a recovery image that let us to make backups and restore of our actual firmware with all our applications installed, it makes a mirrored copy of our system. Very useful if you want to try install new roms and after test it you want to come back at the state you had before.

You can too install roms in cwm zip format (I will do a generic zip soon so you can install roms using this way) without use any external pc so simply, you copy the zip to the sdcard and flash it from cwm recovery.
This tool have more functionality like clear data,clear cache, mount and unmount file-system, format them, etc…

YOU DON’T NEED TO BE ROOT TO INSTALL CWM RECOVERY IN YOUR SYSTEM. So you can use it to make a backup of the stock rom or any rom installed in your stick.

From cwm we cant modify our partitions space, so we cant modify user app size or system size.

How to install it?
A very good explication by MhagnumDw with other method to install it:
CWM Recovery for iMito QX1 quad core tv sticks is coming! Originally Posted by mhagnumdw CWM Recovery for iMito QX1 quad core tv sticks is coming!
If you installed any Finless ROM, so I’ll assume you know how to do get into flash mode and also know other things.

0) Open ROM Flash Tool.exe
1) Enter the flash mode
2) Extract the recovery.img from specific cwm image, rename it to recovery-cwm.img and place it in the folder FinlessROM (this step is only to facilitate the next step)
3) Let marked only the “recovery” and set the path FinlessROM\recovery-cwm.img (see image)
4) And last click Flash ROM

CWM Recovery for iMito QX1 quad core tv sticks is coming!


It is a explication for the rk3066 devices, but it will work for the rk3188 devices too.

A new way to install cwm recovery from any rom and without pc. (Not tested yet, under construction)

1. Install from play store the free apps Terminal emulator ( busybox installer(….busybox&hl=es)
2. Open busybox installer, grant superuser permission,Use normal install (Not smart Install) then when it finish close the app.
3. Download your stick, it must be downloaded in /sdcard/download/ (this is the default folder if you use the stock browser for download it.
4. Download your specific cwm zip from this thread and it need to be in /sdcard/download too.
5. Open Terminal emulator and write:

cd /sdcard/Download
mv theNameOfYourSpecificCwmRecovery.img cwm-recovery.img

Replace theNameOfYourSpecificCwmRecovery for your specific cwm zip name, for example in imito qx1 it will be qx1-cwm-recovery
After write su you must grant superuser permission to terminal emulator.

I hope the instructions are enough clear but if you have any question I will be for here CWM Recovery for iMito QX1 quad core tv sticks is coming!
Have fun.

How boot in recovery mode?

There is an apk made by Petrus (credits to him). This apk let us to reboot, boot in recovery or bootloader mode (NEED ROOT). Is the simplier way to enter in recovery, you can find it in:…App&highlight=

You can use terminal emulator in your stick and write:

reboot recovery

Thats all, I will try to help you if you have any question. And of course if you can complete this tutorial or suggest any corrections, you are always welcome.



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  1. How to extract the recovery.img from specific cwm image(imito qx1)

  2. Hi,
    Can you guys push imito to release a kitkat version for tye QX1, otherwise there’s no point buying the same brand if there’s no support. Stock firmware still has many issues and lags and I have 3 of these.