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[ROM DOWNLOAD] X31 RK3188 Quad Core TV BOX Custom Rom rooted/1080p output

Hi guys:

This is the custom rom for X31 quad core tv sticks, thanks to Ray!


– Wifi Improvement
– Rooted
– Init.d Support
– Some Speedup Fixes
– Bluetooth Full Work

Firmware Download link Click Here

Please notice, there is two kernel in the download file,  If you want to have 1080P output in your X31, please change kernel.img in Flash Tool to kernel1.img.





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  1. wow, this is what i’ve been waiting for, thanks a lot eric 🙂

  2. Is it based on 4.2.2 or 4.1.1?

  3. Hi, I just got this X31 android stick, ROM is already in 4.2.2, but Skype keep telling me the camera is switch off in video call, I got a black screen in the little self view box in the lower right corner. No problem with mic and sound from the other party, just couldn’t get the camera working.
    The stock camera app works on the other hand, have been trying with different versions of skype but nothing works. Anybody can help? Thanks a lot.

  4. The firmware version 4.2 has the disadvantage when watching the video 720p 1080p. Could you make Assembly firmware to version 4.4 ? Sincerely, Alexander.