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[ROM DOWNLOAD] Tronsmart MK908 Quad Core TV Sticks Android 4.2 New Stock Rom, all tronsmart mk908 users please check this!

Hi, All of the Tronsmart MK908 users:

First, thanks for buying this model from our shop, today we have got some customers report, said that they can’t flash the old stock rom or custom rom on their Tronsmart MK908. We have immediately contacted the factory, and know the problem.

The factory make some change on the hardware to improve the wifi antenna, and solve the heat problem, but with this change, it makes the new bulk tronsmart mk908 can’t work with the old firmware, but please don’t worry. The factory just release a new firmware, here it is:

This firmware can work with the new and old hardware, please don’t worry.

Firmware update instruction, you can check here:

Enjoy, and report any problem you found.



Geekbuying Team


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  1. this 1080p or 720p output???

  2. Which WiFi chip are they now using in this 2nd edition?
    The first batch had the Broadcom based AP6210 radio module made by AMPAK.

  3. I’m waiting for the release of the video skip problem fix 1080p firmware.

  4. I tested this firmware.
    720p Video (iso file by mxplayer): No video frame skip. Improvement ! 🙂
    Ethernet: Good.
    WiFi: Very slow (especially when Bluetooth switch turns on.)
    Bluetooth: so-so.
    I tested BT v3.0 mouse and BT v3.0 keyboard.
    It seems only one device available.

    Anyway I hope 1080p firmware.

  5. I have now tried several different options, even the ROM flashing ones from the forum, I geass i’ve learned some basics. I crashes all the time when I tried 4.1.1 Finnles ROM 1.4 and also Finless ROM 1.5 sometimes it works fo a short while but as soon as I try to install apps from the market or from my backup, it restarts.

    Please advice what image I can use for stable functionality. I have now a full day of frustration. It’s so very buggy.

  6. It’s multiple user account supported?


  7. Does this one have OTA?

  8. this mk908 is the work mini PC I bought so far, even with this new update streaming is droppping and wireless is no good.

  9. Why still no 1080p support. I download and try to select the 1080p under screen, my whole tv flicking.

  10. I’m having a major issue with the mk908 I received today. First it kept dropping wifi and became unresponsive to input (very laggy and locking), so I tried this firmware and now the unit only reboots.

    I have tried two other firmwares with the same results. Is there a newer version than this around?

  11. I use this rom 0802
    After a month of use I started MK908 and I got stuck when running on android inscription. I rebooted several times and always the same. what should I do?

  12. Gee buying support, any answer to our issues above. Please raise the issue to tronsmart. The

  13. what model of web cam it support ?