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How to root Cubot GT72 MTK6572 Dual Core Smart Phone

How to root Cubot GT72 MTK6589 Quad Core Smart Phone:

Glad to share with you the Cubot GT72 root method and tool.  This should be the first root method for MTK6572 phone. the same tool for Cubot GT99

Download root tool


Root method:

1. contact the your phone with pc, install the drivers on your pc.  turn on the usb debugging

2. open the root tool: run.bat

3. enter any key on your keyboard, it will root your phone automaticly

4. if succeed, it will inform you and reboot the phone



  1. Do not I understand anything of this post.
    root cubot gt72 mtk6589 quad core??

  2. the method works perfect, thanks
    would be the same method for Mpai S720 4.5inch MTK6572??

  3. Hi!,

    Anyone knows if this method works good with Mpai S720?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Thank you very much! Phone-MP s720ts, mtk6572.

  5. Hi Kristin,

    Is there any way to unroot Mpai S720c? It seems, that I can’t flash my phone due to changed DA binary file.
    I have used flash manual from page:

    Thanks for advice.