G910 Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad for Android TV BOX Review and Firmware
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G910 Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad for Android TV BOX Review and Firmware

Hello guys, I will introduce you a very new fashion Bluetooth Gamepad that can connect with Android TVBOX to play big games on TV at home.It is a very cool product.No need to root your device, no need to flash custom roms, no need to do complicated keymapping, you can play most of gameloft games, Simulator gams, and even psp games with ppsspp app on your TV box.We already tested in Tronsmart mk908, tronsmart t428,imito qx1, cx-919, and neo x7, all of those android tv box can connect with this bluetooth gamepad, and run smooth!

Certainly you can also use your iPhone and other android phones to play games on this gamepad. One thing to note is that MTK phones will not be supported with this gamepad for now. We will updated the firmware in the future and they will be matched.

G910 Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad for Android TV BOX Review and Firmware

See! You can also use two G910 gamepads to play games on TV with your friends at home.Wonderful,isn’t it?

We now get its firmware download:

Password is geekbuying.com

Upgrade Method is in the download file.



  1. G910 Looks impressive! What’s the price anyway?

  2. Only $28.99. Just go to have one 🙂

  3. i tried to update the firmware and it gave me an error at 1%. Now the controller won’t turn on anymore.
    is there a way to recover?

  4. hi i tried to update the firmware and i got an error after 1% and now the controller doesn’t respond (no power) anymore. Any way to recover or is it a brick now?

  5. ok i managed to update. You have to move the .psp file to a different folder than the original folder.

  6. I updated the firmware and when I connect everything work perfect, but when I turn off and turn on again it doesn’t want to reconnect.
    Is there a way to fix it?

  7. update is stuck at 0.1% please help

  8. Help Help Help anyone ?

  9. Ok finaly it work again, just make sure update *.psp files is locate at desktop.

    tested on windows vista sp2, crash
    tested on windows 8, crash
    tested on windows 7 sp1, it successful update the firmware

  10. Where did you get USB drivers? How to exit [START]+[SELECT] mode?

  11. lof: How did you manage to unbrick it?
    Did you need any USB drivers? How did you pass 1% ?

    Thanks in advance

  12. Hi I am buying a used one of these and need to know will it work on my android phone? Do I have to install any drivers or software or will this work on its own? thanks

  13. Same here, stuck at 01%. Tried to put it into another folder, desktop, whatever, same problem. (Win7 Home Premium 64 bit.)
    Trying on another laptop now.

  14. Runs on Win7 32 bit. Hope this helps…

  15. I just buy a gamepad 910, and the 3 ligths are always flashing , not stabilize after connection with my samsung GIO!!

  16. Avatar photo

    You should read the instruction , sir, please press the A button first, and then press the Home button, now the 3 lights will flash, then go to your samsung device bluetooth setting, find the Game controller, and connect it,

    once you connect successfully, there will only one led light.