CX-919 Quad Core TV Stick 1080P Firmware Release
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CX-919 Quad Core TV Stick 1080P Firmware Release

HI guys:

We have pushed the factory to release a Real 1080P firmware for the CX-919 quad core tv sticks.

CX-919 a rk3188 base quad core tv sticks, with external wifi antennas, and you can get good wifi connections.

It has got some custom rom support, and today, we will release a new REAL 1080P firmware, here we go:

Firmware Download  Link:



How to flash, pease check here


Screenshot for version information:

CX-919 Quad Core TV Stick 1080P Firmware Release


Enjoy, any questions, feel free to contact.


Geekbuying Team

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  1. Unable to download, please ckeck it.

  2. just ordered a cx 919 recently, keen to try the new 1080p firmware! Any comments on the performance and stability of it? Also any heating problems with the device itself considering 1080p will cause a significant amount of stress?

  3. H there,

    I’ve just ordered my first android device (CX 919) and I have a couple of questions.

    1. As it appears that my cx919 will come with 4.1 installed, will this firmware simply replace it?

    2. I hear a lot about finless Bob, but have no idea what it means. Is this better than stock?

    3. I bought this device because I wasn’t prepared to pay £175 for another jailbroken ATV2 to have XBMC on. Having read around it appears that xbmc isn’t all that stable on the CX 919. Has this now been rectified, and if so can someone please suggest where I can download the best xbmc android version from?

    Thank you in advance for your help and apologies for being such an android noob. We all have to start somewhere.

    p.s, I’m trying to download this file using a 100mb/s connection, but it estimates that I’ll have 4 hours to wait!? Surely you can find a better server to host this on?

  4. Can anyone explain how to flash this thing, either with Finless 1.4 or with the Geekbuying Aug. 3 Official 1080P firmware? When I press down the Fn button and plug it into a computer, the blue LED by the Fn button always stays on. According to the Finless install guide, the LED should turn off when I go thru this procedure to signify that the stick has successfully entered flash mode.

    When I try using either the Finless ROM Flash Tool or the one that comes with Rockchip Batch Tool v.1.6, neither tool detects the stick (the Rockchip USB). I think it’s because the stick can’t enter flash mode.

    I’m been trying to flash this thing using a computer running Windows 7; when I try with a Windows 8 PC, I get an error message stating that “The USB device is not recognized. …”

  5. The link is dead…. nothing to download!

  6. Download link works fine…learn to use mediafire.

    @Anon Regarding flashing, make sure you are using USB 2.0 not 3.0 slot.

  7. @s2law –
    I received my cx919 few weeks ago with 4.2.2 installed. I also were trying to download this firmware but mediafire is very slow, i gave up. hopefully someone will provide a faster link.
    I installed the latest version of xbmc (12.2) and it was working oky so far (except wifi is not stable). you can download via

  8. Finally got it working by flashing it with a USB 2.0 port. But now the stick keeps rebooting whenever I do anything that takes some degree of processing power, like open HBO Go or even surf the web using Dolphin browser. I think it’s overheating with the new ROM (or I hope it’s the new ROM, since this is a brand-new stick). Has anyone else had this experience?

  9. Anyone gets any ideas about heat production under 1080p?

  10. Mine is working fine with this new 1080p firmware. I also used Antutu Benchmark Stability test and no problems at all. However, the graphics seems slower compared to 720p.

  11. The 1080p update is working fine for me but i’m missing the status bar button which hides it. It’s annoying keep seeing it when watching anything fullscreen.
    Please bring it back with the next update.

  12. nice!
    downloaded fine, installed fine, worked fine
    but have some questions. dont know where to put them
    -skype cannot find my logitech 170 cam. where can I check if de drivers are installed for this cam?
    -1080 res results in to small icons and fonts. the 720 res is way to fuzzy… is there a way to use the old “1080” ?
    – netflix still has “stop”-issues every two minutes. but it is said it should work fine. it is not the download because another much slower android tablet does not has this issue’s . looks like the cache runs full. whenever i empty the cache the stopping is less frequent.. for the first 5 minutes..

  13. Not sure if it is just me. I encountered “hung” several times. Any one has the same issue?

  14. apologies in advance but a newbie to this and really not sure if I’m in the right place, so –

    I have a “OEM Natural CX-919 Quad Core RK3188 Bluetooth Android 4.1.1 Mini Google PC TV Box 1G/8G BT/HDMI, Black” bought from Amazon which seems to work ok but every now and then, when watching videos off the web, I get “Blank Internal Flash” and then it turns it self off.

    1. Is this update the one I need for my stick?

    2. If I apply it successfully, will all my apps (ie firefox etc…) I installed still be there? if not, can I backup them somehow and restore them when updated?

    many thanks in advance


  15. This is stable and doesnt crash when downloading via WiFi.. Finless 1.6 crashes using WiFi…