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New Custom Rom coming for K-R42 Quad Core TV BOX

Lewy20041 just help to made a new upgrade custom rom for K-R42 quad core tv box, Here is the changelog:

-spoofed as Galaxy SIII
-button on statusbar opens “Tincore Key Mapper”
(you can play games like bad pieggies with mouse)
-some build.prop changes
-new visual (icons, system bar etc.)
-power button on system bar
-new settings (HFW Settings)
*Performance (you can change CPU clocks)
*Equalizer (need some testing)
*SuperSU (now it wil show here insted of app drawer)
*Terminal (//-//-//-)
*Xbmc Installer (//-//-//-)
-btusb.ko insmoded at startup (no bt dongle support yet)
-tun.ko insmoded at startup (thanks go to leolas from for compile this modules for me)
-clean home screen from usles shourtcats and widgets
-some other things i dont remember;p

Firmware Download Link

How to install:


install:-unpack arhive (anywhere)-start RKBatchTool.exe-put device into flash mode (conect otg to pc and box, pres and hold buton and conect device to adapter 5v 2a)-instal proper drivers when windows ask (drivers are in package)-when you wil see number 1 in green box selec “…” button in right top corner of RKBatchTool-navigate to HFW_vx.x.x.img-pres restore button in RKBatchTool
after instal:thats the things to do aftrer you install your rom.-first bootup will be slower then the next one (android is setting ui)-go to android settings>screan>scale> and slide it to the end-next go to settings>developer options:-change all animations to “no animations”


New Custom Rom coming for K-R42 Quad Core TV BOX
New Custom Rom coming for K-R42 Quad Core TV BOX


I have talked with this developer, he will release the 1080p rom in next few days, just stay tuned with us.

Get the original K-R42 here:



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  1. Hello.
    Thank you for your contributions to the KR-42 or CS918.
    I was able to perform the root.

    My question is:

    I bought DroidMote server for the box (CS918 on Playstore)
    If I CustomROM the On Game, then I will not get over the gates play the full version, as the unit asl Samsung Galaxy was spoofed?

    You can get the custom Rom with the original device name?

    Is possible that the controller button settings RKRemoteControl (Smartphone) store (profiles)?
    The change of the buttons to change game is pretty annoying.

    Please excuse my bad English.

    Thank you for your help LG

  2. Thanks for second custom rom! Of course the main thing people are waiting is a 1080p kernel support. But all these small thing you implemented are important also!

  3. Does This version Support Bluetooth???

    Michael T.

  4. Avatar photo

    No.but the developers are working hard to make it support speical usb bluetooth dongle.

  5. Please can you explain how to install????

  6. What is the Xbmc Installer … I find it in the remove apps but I can NOT find the Icon on the Apps Page … I wanted to try it out XBMC …
    How do I run The Installer That I can See on the Remove Apps Page But Can NOT find the Icon to Run it …Please help

    Michael T.

  7. Does this ROM have Web Cam supported? I use Skype a lot, Thanks.

  8. Sliding texts tearing on this rom